your grandparents live far from us so you|Lily’s grandparent

Tracy is with us in the . Tracy! We are all to know about as a child actor. You’re only years old—yet you are .

Tracy: Yes. I’m to have a to do so many that other young haven’t yet.: So Tracyyour grandparents live far from us so you,the first is—how old were you when you made your first movieyour grandparents live far from us so you,?Tracy: Wellbunny live mod unlock room, I was only four—so I didn’t have a big part—and that movie wasn’t .

: So what was your first movie then?Tracy: . Did you see it?: Yes. My scene was when you out the for your mum, and you found in there.

Tracy:Yeah—that was a cool scene, wasn’t it?: Have you in any (商业广告) yet,Tracy?Tracy: Yesyour grandparents live far from us so you, quite a few. The last one was for a . I love ,but they made me eat so much. I felt sick after that. I never want to eat again.: What a pity! Nowyour grandparents live far from us so youcấu hình vsmart live, tell me about your movie—you haven’t it yet. But do you think you might win an award for this one?Tracy: Oh,I hope so. But if I don’t win this timeyour grandparents live far from us so you|Lily’s grandparent, maybe I will some day. I’ll to work hard.: And one last Tracy—I’d like to ask you if you enjoy being .Tracy: That’s a to . I’d like to tell all my young fans that it isn’t easy being . , I miss being a kid. So enjoy being a kid, and don’t grow up too .: for , Tracy. You’re a great kid. I wish you luck in the .

1.How many does the ask Tracy?

A. Three.B. Four.C. Five.D. Six.

2.We can find a cool scene with in _.

A. . . a . her movie

3.What does Tracy think of being early?

A. She it’s easy to .

B. Being her all good .

C. She still being a kid she is .

D. She feels to do more than other .

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