you should find a job to live|How to find a new job while yo

Your ’s still : Don’t quit your job until you have a offer in hand.

Yes, it is a job-’s , with more perks and on the table than in past years. But it can take , of with of , to land a new at a .


Don’t get in a dead end: Avoid these IT jobs bound for and learn the 16 most- of IT pros.


The “Great ” — which sees in job lined up — to and not to tech , says Burns, an and based in New York. “Most IT aren’t that way,” he says. For the of white- , “there are all kinds of [to a new job] due to and by ” of bad , he .

Even for IT pros with hot , “it’s very, very ” to look for a job while one down at the same time, says Jayne , of an . “If the goes too , that can be a red light,” she adds. The job you’re for is open for a ; make sure you do your due .

Still, if you that your job is no a fit for you, here are some tips for how to job while your gig.

1. Look , then take a deep

It’s good to see what jobs are , and to know what your are worth on the open . And now’s a good time to take a self- to see what you want to do or what you need in a job to be happy. “Over the of the , have had the to their paths and jobs, and think what’s next,” says , vice of at jobs site Hired.

you should find a job to live

2. Don’t the where you work

If the of your is more — to, say, pick up your kids at at a time — that might well be . Or you want to work at home more often or more . “Ask what’s not or what’s not ,” Hired’s . “If it comes down to one or two , and you can see in your , have the .”

your with what you want and work out a plan that will your needs. you need to out when you will make up any time away from the job, or how you’ll come up to speed any you miss. “ there’s so much , are more open to these ,” says.

And don’t to check out the of your ’s . It can be much to to or team in your than it is to start from else.

3. Don’t burn

No how you are, don’t storm off in a huff. In the long term, it’s never worth it. At the very least you’re going to want a from your , and you don’t want to a as who co- in a lurch. At some point you might wind up with your again — or even to one — at . As as it can feel in the , with or no can come back to haunt you for years to come. (See #4, below.)

4. Build your human

The best way to find a job is you know who can vouch for your and , fit with their , and work ethic. And while the has ,it’s a good time to pick your head up and join (or re-join) useryou should find a job to live, build or your , and .

“If you’re a Java e- ,what do you to?” asks500 live, and CEO of Janco . “That’s how you find your next job or out which to add to your or meet who knows the of the work you do and can you.” You need “who can for you in a new .”

you should find a job to live

Ask you know who new jobs how they did it, even if it’s in . Also make sure to stay in touch with, or renew your with, who has you in the past.

5. Pay to

use this tool on a daily basis, says. “That’s where you bump into you know, or might want to know,and it’s where the – aretại sao facebook không có live stream,” she . Ease into and on posts from other , she says. Make sure to your posts or after work hours.

you want to your and start long you start for a job, so you don’t tip off in your job that you’re in .

Just don’t over-rely on this tool, or any other, say. are great , but they don’t take the place of human .

6. Be

Don’t that you’re . Avoid your on job sites, some , it might be sent to your , even . , make those one-on-one (see item #4) and send your to you know. “, but do it under the radar,” Burns says. out where you’d like to work, then in that .

7. Be smart

Use your , non-work phone and to , set up , and send out your . Don’t put any email on your work . “ have their own and that are from the job,” says.

you should find a job to live

Any gear your gave or sent you when you there, or they help pay for (like your phone bill), means that is . Not only can the it back at any point, but there might be a ‘big ’-type app that what you’re doing. And if you have to hand back, there go all your , text , and the like.

You might also need to ‘’ your . If your paid for those, and you find them , then spend your own money on those fees so you can take lists, from any ,and with you to your next postyou should find a job to live, or to help you land that new job.

8. Don’t your job…

it might take a while to find your new role, and you must to tend to your job. “At the end of the day,you have a to your job and are still to meet theyou should find a job to live,” Hired’s says. Go to the , nail those . You don’t want your to to be a tell to your boss or co- that your brain has left the even if your body is still there.

9. … but make time to

“Some are so into their jobs, like , that they need to make the work,” Burns says. The good news is that with so much work going on, you won’t need to to . Pre- you’d need to take time, or work and leave the early. Just any – or at times when you won’t be .

Janco’s calls it “ time to plant your roses,” and that you can spend 5% of your work time on a job , as long as you’re still doing your job and well.

Hired’s says that how much time you spend ,and whenyou should find a job to live, on how badly you want — or need — to leave your job. If you must leave for any , then time off to your or , or learn any new you might need, or that of what you want to do next. But if you can make it a more ,you might be able to fit it all in time.

10. Be clear with

what you must have in your new role and do all you can to make sure these needs will be met. Don’t take a new job that has the same or to your job. It’s easy to get up in a shiny new titleyou should find a job to live|How to find a new job while yo, or more money or perks, and why you in the first place. “Make sure you stay true to your north star in your job ,” says.

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