Word for people who live in the same cit

I would have to the word (s) as it is the wordlive stream facebook trên windows phoneviet huong live stream, -place has / ( on you point of view) its , the word still as being the term for an of a city. The word can be used to an or of a group; hence, in the of the by the OP it would be more to a two word to the :

I and my ____ are happy.:

I and my are happy. – this makes it that the to the , not the image/ to be .

The and I are happy. – this makes the and the to be happy,no is or .

I and my are happy. – this and are both happy also that the his as a part of their group to be knownpeople who live in, this is and is from his/her view only and does not the feel the same way.

As there is a very chat going on here


from one of my other posts:

The usage of (a who lives in a town or city, a of the word city and , cit(y)-(den)izen => cit-izen => ) makes mean the same as ( who to a ). This does not , alter the of the word, which (from the ) “An of a town or city:” usage: the good of .

in I would be a of if I lived in and a // ( on of ) if I lived in .

of the of the word for the ,as well as the fact that I am quite in word usage. I over time (the usage is more than the )people who live in, , the and can still be to be and to the point.

In to the of , I agree it that does not any given being aware of past or used and them to a point or a and in their (for , the word idiot stems from the Greek which was an a (hence the for its use as an here): over the span of the Greek era it to mean a no role in ,then later as a term for who did not cast votes atpeople who live in, and later as a term of of , much as it is used today.


(n.) early 14c., ” of a city,” from Anglo- ( , by of ),from Old “city-people who live in, town-, ” (12c.,)Word for people who live in the same cit, from cite (see city) + -ain (see -ian). Old and . Sense of ” of a ” is late 14c. ‘s from 1941; ‘s band (radio) from 1947. of the world (late 15c.) Greek .



Etymology of citizen

as to proof to texts (My books do not fit in the )


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