where your family live|Ask Amy: I’m embarrassed to tell my f

Dear Amy: I am about gift- this .

I have gifts for my (five and five ), my close and their (they all buy me nice gifts too!).

I used to enjoy this,but now it just seems .

I am 62 and stillwhere your family live|Ask Amy: I’m embarrassed to tell my f, but this year I have no real .

I to my that I kind of to opt out of the gift- this year due to ,and she saidwhere your family livenono live game offline, “Why don’t you then? Just tell in the that you don’t want to gifts this year.”

The thing is,I am to do that. It is hard for me to being with my on with else gifts. I feel like it would be or I will end up just very .

where your family live

I can’t skip the event I take my (they are 89 and 90) andwhere your family live, I love my and want to be with them.

I am an , and one a few years back, I had a with and I made . I don’t feel like I can do that again, and haven’t of else to make them (at least not yet).

I kind of wish our would do that thing where we names, and just buy one a nice gift. But I don’t want to the of the , for my own .

Any ?

where your family live

Dear : In many , there’s a point where the look their and say, “.” My dealt with this for years by names at . We then into to the to a cause – only gifts to the . I’m with your off the hook , but I also that this might not make the for you.

You’re lucky! You’re an . You seem to think that you gave one time, you can’t do it again. I !

My great-uncle – also an – a card every year,madewhere your family live, and and them to the . 100 years later, these are items and the .

You could do – keep the piece small,, and – and give one to each , for them. The could to frame the piece, tape it to the , or stick it in an album. You could give art to the on your list.

Your gift to and could be a that would any fancy gift you could .

where your family live

Dear Amy: When our were born we an for each of them. We told them it was their .

Money gifts from went into this .

When , we them: “Here is your . If you have money left in it after , it’s yours. If you have loans, they’re yours. It’s up to you.”

one spent most of it on . Great! two to go to a great , with a BS, and used the as a down on her first house. So far so good.

Then two said,“Heywhere your family live, it’s time,what’s my ?”

where your family live

My wife and I at each other and saidemail live com, “Oh crap” (or ).

We – and I now to any new that will – call it a and fund.

Help the word.

– Daddy

Dear Daddy: Great idea, by great ! You don’t say how you this, but I have a that you it well.

where your family live

Dear Amy: “Sick at Heart Mom” didn’t know how to and after her drunk son his drunk .

While I agree with your , you might have one : Why not to to -free ?

If Mom doesn’t want to a any for ,, I if the whole isn’t part of the .

– Karen

Dear Karen: This was up in the of this . Your is – and .

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