where your family live|5 Unforgettable Reactions to Winning

What would you do if you won !? all you would have gone – you the test, the , and the round is in your . Now you’re on air. Next stop: the title of ! and a big pile of cash, right? For some , their to is as as their , and we enjoy them live in the . These are five we’ve seen over the of 32 on !

Penn us why he’s a

where your family live

Penn on ! in 31, and like a . He didn’t have to pull any hocus pocus to get by and . , once he out the , his and were into . It’s like this that gets the and makes a ! a .

Joel Serna’s come-from– melts

where your family live

In the 1999 ! Kids Week, Joel Serna of Fort Worth, Texas, . , one of his – Max – to have a hot hand,up $100000.net live,800 Final ! , Joel’s total was $6,100. In a $4,700 , Joel luck on his side in order to pull out a win.

When it came time to each ’s , he was the only who one – and it was . His wager? All in – $6,100 – which put him at $12,200. His come-from- why Final ! and are of the game. Joel’s never-say-die got him the winwhere your family live, and his still has us in right him.

Alex Jacob his

where your family live

A of and often heart- , Alex Jacob’s no of to show them off. Over the of his six wins and his run in the 2015 of ,hewhere your family live, up huge and many games out of his ’ reach Final !

Like a true ,Alex often used these to his to his as well as the ! team. A – is there a kind?

where your family live

Elyse ’s look says it all

where your family live

In the 2012 Teenwhere your family live, at DAR Hall in , DC, Elyse faced . The of the show slow for her with many of the clues, and , Elyse with . At the end of the ! round, she faced a big in ! – $6,600, to be exact.

, early in !, Elyse a Daily . She made it a true Daily , the full , and . Her bold move paid off, and she was $600 of first place. On the clue, worth $2,000, Elyse took the lead. After that,she never back and held a $13where your family livewhere your family live|5 Unforgettable Reactions to Winning ,000 lead going into Final !

In Final !, both of the other , the on Elyse to suit. As the cut to Elyse, her to , and her , as she “ ,” the – and a $28,000 wager – her $28,400 total. The gutsy wager could have put her win in “!”, but , the raked in a grand total of $79,600 and the crowd a cheek-to-cheek smile, and all, which had “” all over it.

Robin up … style

! is equal parts and . When we the 2000 of in ,Robin a ! and those . She took home $100kèo live vuabai9.com,000 and was . , her ’s to the win stole the show. , this was a and we the ’s as well as Robin’s .

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