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9. do they can to give their kids the best to . to a by the Trust,a third of” “with aged five and 16 have moved to an area they think it has goodwhere does the writer live,and 18% to a ‘s area.Some go :3% using a ‘s to get into a ;and 2% said they had a home and used that to for a place.

As well as a fair few white lies,it all adds up to a large of money spent on to your ‘s of doing -and the point the Trust wants to make is that the more money you have,the more you can do to”buy”an .

It seems that ,while so on ,seem often to a much way of their ‘s fate. the more a home life have,the they will be able to atwhere does the writer live|青夏教育精英家教网,the they will be in ,and the they will have on .

There’s of to back all this up:a study by the found that aged seven and older to do more in exams and to badly at if their split up. by the andi live alone taeyang, at the end of last year,found that a life meant were more to take in what’s being in the . to the Royal of , whose are or may find it to at .

Of ,many are on trackwhere does the writer live,100% hunky dory,and here the only thing worth about is a ‘s SATs and GCSE .But it may not be you,and I have to admit it’s not me :I’ve been for more than a of awhere does the writer live,and the one thing I’m sure of is that it’s not a bed of roses.I’ve got four aged 11 and 21; and while I’m truly to the many who have them,and the they’ve been at,I’ve more as the years go by that a home is an vital part in how they’re on-and much more than where their sits in the local table.

So a few for a of (and if you’re on a low ,it can be a lot lesswhere does the writer live,or even free) could be a much use of the ‘s funds than on house.Sure,your might end up at a whose exam are far from -but that’s more than by the fact that they are to do for (and house,after all,puts even more on a ).

tosex live trung quốc,80% of who went for adult said their had been as a . to a whole pile of back many , tend to do best when they’re in a .I can’t help the only sure from the to live by the best gates are (房地产商) than the very the move is to help.

65.From the ‘s point,to their , are toD.

A.move to an area which has good

B.use a ‘s

C.buy a home

D.turn to adult

66.The might to the idea thatC.

A.the more money you have,the more you can do to”buy”an

B.the more a home life have,the more it is for them to at

C.as to his there is still room for

D.he is to the many , the are more than his in how his are on

67.The is .


B.by space



68.What does the hold on house?B




D.Not Clear

69.What is the of the word”hunky dory”in 5?B

A. up


C. from the right


70.What is the main idea of the ?D

A. a lot from the to live by the best gates

B.some are going to their

C.the is with his ‘s

D.a home life is than areas in .

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