where do you live?|Kate Mulgrew encourages fans to ask for

“ Firma” –EP#105 — Kate as in Star Trek: on +. Photo: /+ ©2021 . All .

Kate has a crew in mind for a by

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Kate fans to ask for

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Kate told fans to take to their and let know what they want when it comes to a live- .

We know that + is more Star Trek . we’ll see a 31 or , we don’t know,but there is one that seems to be on a lot of ’s mindswhere do you live?, one that to the small . At ,Kate is both the and the the USS on Star Trek: .

At New York Comic Conwhere do you live?|Kate Mulgrew encourages fans to ask for,fans asked Alex what was with thewhere do you live?, and he said there have been talks. A Kate fan who goes by “Only the ” on Tik Tok a short video of ’s , and that, a video was with to a crowd about the for a and how to make it .

In it, says that it is up to the fans not her as is at the ,and if there is of a cry for itwhere do you live?where do you live?, the will do it.

“So just go on your phone and say we want . We want live . And they will to you.”

Fans could be for Kate back to live .

Star Trek fans do have the power to get with the when it comes to new as by Star Trek: New being spun-off from Star Trek: . But if such an does ,fans are that this newer of will be so from the that they won’t even her.

now trouble maker livesex live viet, that’s not can . So even many fans want a live with , many are also to ask it of + for fear of the it might bring to a that is in their as one of the best in .

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