where do you live|Alaska 2022 midterm election results

will head to the polls on to cast their in races for U.S. and House,and state .

The state's open at 11 a.m. and close at ET.

One of the most races in is the for its sole U.S. House seat. Marywhere do you livewhere do you live,the first towhere do you liveyeu 5 live, is up for after Sarah Palin in a this year. is the first to the seat since the early 1970s.

and Palin are off again in the . Other in the race Chris Bye and III.

On the side, Lisa is in a tight race Kelly and . and party lines to each other as they both face by Trump.

's new – is a this cycle. This in an open , with from all on a and the top four onto the .

For the , will on the in order of . If one wins at least 50% of the first- votes,they win . If notbong ro live,the to where the with the of first-place votes and thewhere do you live,third and of those to other .

After won thewhere do you live|Alaska 2022 midterm election results, 's – . voted in 2020 to the new .

are red or blue when the of vote a set . This by state and is based on of past vote and about how the vote will this year.

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