where do i live|Where do I sign up?

The Party has about 88 , who come from all ages and all walks of life. But HOW do you a ?

Well, , there are SEVEN major steps.

where do i live

Step 1: write an and hand it in to your local party – they can be found ,you can find your party at your or . You need to fill in some basicx hamter live, and in what it is that has you to apply for .

Step 2: once your is , it’s time to go back to . You will have to to learn about the party’s ,, its rules,and . on how much free time you havewhere do i live, this step not take than two weeks until ’s out!

where do i live

Step 3: did you do your ? Prove it by the party exam,you were in class. You can easy if you fail the first timewhere do i live, as you are to have a and final try. The exam is not (if you were a good !), but so many apply for , you will have to get a very good score to pass!

Step 4: a party . this ,you need to hand in to the party on your and workwhere do i live, as well as CPC and . This step could take as as six to as long as two years,on where you live in the !

Step 5: You’re therethese fish live small, as you make it on to the to a of the CPC. This comes after the party’s the – all those , and were after all!

Step 6: to party-. The takes one year, which you have to your study about the party, and more party- .

where do i live

Step 7: You did it! After it the and with ,you full party . to the party on Earth!

So those are the steps you need to take to a party . That wasn’t too was it?where do i live|Where do I sign up?,in it is – only the very best can make it to full party .

to the of the CPCwhere do i live, 21 new for were in 2010, but only 14% of were – it’s far from a case of just join – new have to prove of .

If you think the to being as a party is , then how hard must it be to one of the top party ?

Take the 18th CPC , which took place in 2012, as an .

From July 2011 to June 2012, the CPC and the CPC for 506 for the two , from 727 .

The of the CPC and then 25 for the of the CPC , and chose seven .

, the CPC voted for the of the Party of China – Xi was for the top role that year. The CPC's must be from the of the of the .

where do i live

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