what kind of housing do you live in|雅思口语part1话题范文:Home/Accom


1. What kind of / do you live in?

I live in a with the area of 170 . To be morewhat kind of housing do you live in, it is a high-rise brick flat with 2 in a in . our flats there lies a river and we can jog and take a walk along with it.

2. Who do you live with?

Well, I've been with my in our since I was a child. This year, the 's dog gave birth to three baby dogs and one of them our new .

3. How long have you lived there?

Since last year. My moves a lot, like every five years or so, dad's his job,um… in a way of . So we are and to get a place to live in.

4. Do you plan to live there for a long time?

! Not only it is the place in which I grew uplive class,but most of my also live so that we can each other from time to time.

5.(If you you haven't lived there long) What's the where you are now and where you have lived in the past?

There are two major . The first one is the size of the . The place where we are now is much than the one. The one is the . We got a bunch of who watch our back when we are .

6. Can you the place where you live?

My is not a placewhat kind of housing do you live in,but from a . of the high and big beamswhat kind of housing do you live in|雅思口语part1话题范文:Home/Accom, my a two-floor and it . As you can , the is my ” ” my


7. Which room does your spend most of the time in?

It's the ! In great love of , in my is kind of a top cook. We study , them with each other and new in our tiny but warm .

8. What do you do in your house/flat/room?

, I old to my flat to share and of a good book, a film or a song in which we learn a lot from each other and our of the world. , we talk, laugh and weep, warm in my flat.

9. Are the to your home very good?

to the , the ways are for . The metro line can reach the city as well as my and a new is also under .

10. Do you in a house or a flat?

what kind of housing do you live in

You know, it's quite hard to say give you but if I have to pick one, I would like to live in a flat as flats are in so I 't be .

11. the room you live in.

I live in a room which is in style. To be more , I have a king-size bed,as well as a sofa next to the . The most time for me is to stay in my roomwhat kind of housing do you live in, lay on the sofa with sound open and books on hand.

12. What part of your home do you like the most?

To be , it's the -room. With an on the wall,the whole style makes me feel go back to age while smart TV with a large me to the life.

13. Do you live in a house or a flat?

what kind of housing do you live in,I live in a flat in area. than the house as it is, my flat in a

which is right the area with and

. Due to the ever- price,most here live in a flat than in a house.

14. What can you see the ?

Since I live in the 18th floornude live stream, I can see many near and far. I can see the whole , a about half a mile away, the main it and also a afar. Also, if the , I can see the and clear sky when I look far far away.

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