what is live|句型转换 1.I will live in Shanghai in ten ye

One day, some set out to sea by ship. One of 1 took his pet with him. 2 they were far out at sea, their ship was for some and fell into the sea,the . The was sure that he would 3 his life he ’t swim. a came and put him on her back. They soon got to an and then the 4 down from the ’s back.

The asked thewhat is live, “Do you know this 5 ?”

The , “Yes,I do. The king of this is my . Do you know that I am a ?”

6 that no one lived on thewhat is live,the saidwhat is liveodot live appmanchester united vs leeds live, “Well, you 7 be a ,but now you can be a king!”

what is live

The then askedwhat is live|句型转换 1.I will live in Shanghai in ten ye, “ 8 can I be a king?”

The 9 and , “That’s 10 . As you are the only (生物) on this ,you will be the king!” And then she swam awaywhat is live, the alone.

what is live

The story tells us that those who lie (撒谎) may end up in .

( ) 1. A. you B. them C. us D.

( ) 2. A. B. If C. Until D. When

( ) 3. A. lose B. save C. D. drop

what is live

( ) 4. A. B. C. D.

( ) 5. A. B. place C. movie D.

what is live

( ) 6. A. B. C. D.

( ) 7. A. ’t B. needn’t C. may D. could

( ) 8. A. How B. Which C. When D. Why

( ) 9. A. B. C. king D.

( )10. A. B. . easy D.

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