we live in a society meme|How the 'Social Shake' Bec

are going gaga for a song known for its , but , dance moves.

By Ma Te

we live in a society meme

time: Who the Shake? dance ’s debut was back in the days of 2012. The viral video, with its “jump cut” a lone into the of an all-out party, an of . In fact, 2012 was a year for meme-able dance : Just two later, South pop star Psy “ Style,” and we all went from raves in to our arms like a mock horse made of .

China, too, has with its fair share of dance . In 2014, pop Xiao Quan us to “The Shake.” In his five- of ear- EDM, dance moves, , , and an -like (Ai you, wo qu, as “Oh for ’ sake”), Xiao as China’s to and Psy.

At the time, the song and its dance took the by storm, into the less- of the . But now, the shake is back. And in a big way, too.

This year,the shake — yao in — has the of and alike. Limy hero academia live action, a of the dance who goes by the name on , has more than 26 . to a of cash, ’s have lost their do-it- and into slick, MTV-style — his work uses lush and , it a .

In China, the “” of the shake lies in both its among large of young , and the word’s with and the . The mafia, for ,is heicách mở khoá phòng bunny live, or “black ” — a that “” do not rules if work for them. It that the in has the , , and to .

we live in a society meme

the shake its , in a known as . as “ into a ,” the term to a style of over high- dance music. The of both and the shake shows how and have made it than ever for to and share their .

In terms of the sheer of , is still more than the shake. MC , one of ’s , has more than 38 . , the shake’s is due to the fact that it is more : The need for high- audio means that work in and sound to the of their .

In ,shake on head and on the . The a dozenwe live in a society memewe live in a society meme, some of whom are seen moves on buses.

Most shake are in their teens and 20s. As they for fans, the shake has an for other . For ,have aboutwe live in a society meme, love, or with of dance into them, the youth- of known as “ga .”

Like other viral in China, the shake has, in , on in the , a that was by and in the 1990s. As a to the lack of job , young have taken to to and earn money.

As a , play a role in the of shake . doff their caps to rap , with that cars, sexy young women, and men, or of . On the other hand, of in and China skew a , to the of mass rural-to-urban and left- . shake often the of youth and the of life,lovewe live in a society meme, and .

shake of the , much of which music . , use these in order to and the blind of money, , and power. They spend a of their time the of and love, while their with of all ages their amity the old and the young.

U.S. hip-hop was built upon the of -, young to think about their ’s . In light of and an , more and more young are now the ideal of hard work and from low-cost . The shake, like ,comes at a time when youngwe live in a society meme|How the 'Social Shake' Bec, in the face of ’s gap, are ways of a and in their own .

: Tse; : Wu and Walsh.

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we live in a society meme

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we live in a society meme

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we live in a society meme

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