we live in a society meme|Exalting Life as a Single in China


— “You must marry!”

It’s a many are to hear from well- but busy body the Lunar New Year , which on , when of will home.

So great is the to marry that the “bihun!” (逼婚!), or “must marry,” is a meme here, a joke, even. Not and is and views the as less than full . That on gay or , many of whom may not have their to their , on who have been in love and on young women, for whom the to marry may begin as young as 20, the legal age for women.

all that, “bihun” has given rise to a for who may to rent a for the to their than face the . It even the theme for a 24-part , “ a to Go Home for New Year.”

we live in a society meme

This year, a group of like- to push back and paid for an adex that went up on at the busy in , where it can be seen by over the month it will be there.

Only one, . At 38,000we live in a society meme, $5,800, for a 3-by-4.5-foot ad, the group of about 10, who , and civil who met via media, more, said Coby, 27, a who,the on her life if her name werewe live in a society meme, asked to be only by her name.

“We’re just a few who got ,” as Lunar New Year is also ,“and justwe live in a society meme, the is too much. It’s at its worst at this time. It’s so big!” Coby said in a . “So we we’d put up an ad in the where a lot of would see it.”

that to an , which them with the local of the and .

The and the an that a young woman with her hands above her head in a “no!” , the sun her, the for “bihun” out on her T-shirt.

No was given, said Xiong Jing, of the group.

“So we chose a ,” Coby said.

Here’s the final :

we live in a society meme

It reads:

“Dear Daddy, Mommy, don’t worry.

The world is so big.

There are so many ways for to live.

can also be very happy.”

And this is by a for : .

The line is open and from noon to 7 p.m.

Here is the the group :

we live in a society meme

The and the “said the word ‘bi,’” which means “force,” “’’ or “must,” “ the same aswe live in a society meme|Exalting Life as a Single in China, you know, that ‘bi,’ ” Ms. Xiong said, to a part of the that in many the world.

So, no “bi.”

But Ms. Xiong said she was why was it to use the word “bi” if the but if it did not. “Bihun,” or “must marry,” is even in and in .

The text, too, was down. One early read:

“Must marry,



I’m a of the non- tribe.

is happy,too.

This New Year don’t do ‘must marry.’ ’’

the lines: “My lifepham truong hat live, I’m in ’’ or “What’s the rush to ‘must marry’?’’

A woman the at the and said the vets all . If the is in line with China’s law, will it,she said. She to give her namelive vip,she was to speak to the news media.

Thead is set to hang near a busy exit at until early Marchwe live in a society meme, after the .

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