we live at third|Like most , I was up to look

Like mosthình nền vsmart live 4 che nốt ruồi,I was up to look upon life as a of . It was not until in my late that I made this 36 : -away makes life so much more . You need not worry if you 37 money.

This is how I 38 with -away. If an idea for the of a store 39 to mev live của bts,I step in and make the to the 40 . If an takes placewe live at thirdwe live at third, the 41 of which I think the local could use, I 42 him up and tell him about it,I am not in 43 here. One I made about this world is to give 44 backwe live at third|Like most , I was up to look ,the 45 often comes in an form.

One the local post an 46 to my homewe live at thirdwe live at third, it was 47 to me at my . I wrote the a note of 48 . More than a year later I a post- box for a new I was 49 . I was told at the that there were 50 boxes left, and that my name would have to go on a long 51 list. As I was about to 52 , the in the 53 .“Wasn’t it you that wrote us that a year ago about a to your home?” I said it was. “Well, you are going to have a box in this post 54 we make one for you. You don’t know what a like that means to us. We get 55 but (投诉).”

36.A. B. C. D.

37.A.earn B.lack C.spend D.steal

38.A. B. C. D.

39.A. B. C. D.leads

40.A. B. C. D.

41.A.story B. C. D.

42.A.call B.hold C.break D.pick

43.A.need B. C. D.

44.A. B. C.for D.

45.A. B.goal C. D.

46.A. B. C. D.heavy

47.A. B. C. D.

48.A. B. C. D.

49.A. B. C. D.

50.A. B.some C.no D.more

51.A. B. C. D.

52.A.leave B.shout C.guess D.

53.A. B. C. D.yard

54.A.in case B.now that C.even if D.as if

55.A. B. C. D.

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