we live at third|At 19:00 this Thursday evening

( to as “”) The … For the first time 「 Open 」we live at third, to to in Open 、 code or help the and fix Bug, And grow .

In this issue 「 Open 」 With “ code ,PR call-up ” The theme ofwe live at third, union 6 Big Open big guy , 5 Big and open code (Docs、ArkUI、 Media 、 Test 、 Start ), stay 【 war “ code ” 】,the guidelive concert rap việt all-star,Help you who love open to in open co .

The first 7 the livetuoi69 live, we the of ,well-known upwe live at third|At 19:00 this Thursday evening,Share with you 《 How do third-party to open 》.


This live will share the theme : How do third-party to open

The :


2022 year 6 month 23 Japan ( )19:00

Nine bows | Ox man of the year

# The whole stack web

# Ten years of

# Video 260 ten + Of B UP Lord 【 Nine bows 】

in the way

Long press the below to scan the codewe live at thirdwe live at third, live ! Watch the live to win the gifts !



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