us open 2021 live|Neurodiversity Celebration Week


The ’sus open 2021 live|Neurodiversity Celebration Weekv2d live, which and staff and ,are a of to mark Week this week (March 15-21).

The aims to the and about by and the live socre 7m trực tiếp kết quả bóng đá,, and of being .

us open 2021 live

Dr , in the of and co- of the ,said: “We want to flip the so that and their and the many of their and staff. There are open to open to both staff andus open 2021 live,and I’d to join us at any of the this week to help a moreus open 2021 live, ,and .”

Prof Frank Cotonus open 2021 live,Vice andus open 2021 live, said: “We want our to stand out as one that and gains from the of and our . This staff and a rich to see life and on . I our to with this .”

The will be a of live and and the would love for as many as to be /.

us open 2021 live

Week full

15 March

We will hold a Staff- panel about being and in HEI. Both staff and .

us open 2021 live

” I wish my knew…”

16 March

An of the Drag 101 Show held at the Club to the and of the .

us open 2021 live

17 March

A – ( and ) panel about being and in HEI. The focus of this will be to share and to each other. Both staff and .

” I wish I knew I …”

us open 2021 live

the week…

Pre- ” with…” of the and

First : 10 March 2021

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