us open 2021 live|Can Medvedev defeat Djokovic?

in a Grand Slam has so far in 2021. It’s the US Open Final . Can ?

is on the verge of , all the four grand slams in one year and 21 grand slam total, both and Nadal at 20. It’s a feat and he’s only one match away. The man he needs to beat, ,loves the US Open and has only lost a set on the road to the final. Stillus open 2021 live,the inus open 2021 live|Can Medvedev defeat Djokovic?, can ?

If we didn’t look at ’s year so far and his to win where he is not even that well, you would say that could be the . His way to the final has been ( did have to go five sets and has lost a set in every match) and he has been in top form all hard court (title in ,semi-final in ).

But even at the odds of 3 times your money onus open 2021 live, it’s hard to bet . His in these types of is in . I’d never would be able to Rafa in the area of , but it’s clear that has. That’s why he is out to be the best of all time.

What can do?

There is only one thing that can do on . . He needs to come in with , who is on the other side of the net and what he is about to . He needs to play his own game and do it to the best of his . Then he has a of his first grand slam title. That’s how good is. Ahead of the draw,he was the only man who had the of . I that also hadlive stream facebook trên android, but he to push Novak to five sets, it that he could go all the way.

While the women’s final vs very to since it’s a match two who have just the of their young (both 18),men’s is in a space. has a on the game and you see likeus open 2021 live, , , , and and ,they’re not there yet.

That’s why I will win. It won’t be easy and he will be under . But if there is one thing he has shown hisus open 2021 livetạo tài khoản windows live, it’s that when the chips are down – he is the best at it.

What are your about the US Open Men’s Final 2021? 21 or 1?

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