tokyo revengers live action trailer|Under The Dog Anime Reac

24- pilot US$580,000 for

tokyo revengers live action trailer

Arts’ – anime Under the Dog met its goal of US$580,000 on . The has two days left to .

The aims to carry the of older sci-fi anime such as Akira and Ghost in the Shell, and the was 1994 and 1995. The team is using in order to avoid the of from and of the anime. With their on , the team hopes to with more in the Under the Dog . goals up to two , a Los , and if US$5.1 is , the will shift to a – film.

Ando (Hana-Saku Iroha,Blast of ) will the based on a story by Jirō Ishii (428: In atokyo revengers live action trailer, on Nine Hours, Nine , Nine Doors). (Fire : ) is the ,is in oftokyo revengers live action trailer, and Co. (Ghost in the Shell Arise) is in of 3D CGI. Arts Yura is . (, Stand By Me ) is as Audio ,Kevin is the scorebunny live 18,and John is as the and .

Arts the story:

Under the Dog takes place in 2025 in Neo Tokyotokyo revengers live action trailer|Under The Dog Anime Reackaguya sama love is war live action, five years after a at the Tokyo . In the wake of the ,the U.N. a ops unit to outtokyo revengers live action trailer, then those for the . , a girl of is a of this elite group who has honed her and has a ,but must come to terms as to who she is.

The will be in withtokyo revengers live action trailer, and also the and -the- and . The last week that who $20 or more will have to this and any Under the Dog .

The are in talks with and to the work.

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