to live healthily we should|What do you think is…

What do you think is the most thing in our life, the keep young,to be rich or to be ? No what you want to beto live healthily we should, wants to be happy.,few know how to make it. Money and alone (单单) do not bring us .date a live tập 1, a Greek ,said,” is up to .” In other wordslove live school idol project kotori, we make our own . Here are some to you be .

The first one is to enjoy the in life. Too often,we spend so much time about the -forto live healthily we should, into or to a good job. In that way, we are to enjoy the (当前). We enjoy life’s (快乐), such as a good book, to your music, or time with close . If have some close , they often live more and .

to a happy life is to be and have . can help you your . Many enjoy ,or a sportto live healthily we should, such as . You can about your , and only think about thee .

,many find in . that feel good when they spend their time . If you want to feelto live healthily we shouldto live healthily we should|What do you think is…, do good for . You can help a with his or her , go to buy food for an old , or just help out the house by the .

(1)The word “it” in the first to (指) “___”.

to live healthily we should

A. . being happy

C. . rich

(2)Which of the is not (提到) in the ?___

A. a good book.

B. Going the world.

C. a sport.

D. time with .

(3)The .

A. knows how to live a life

to live healthily we should’s wrong to spend time on work

C. take us too much time

D.doing for can make us

to live healthily we should

(4)What is the best title (题目) of the ?___

A. Is

B. Good and

C. The Ways to Get

D. Ideas for

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