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When I re- MY I was that it was much less than I it being. Turns out that's I'd that film and TO LIVE in my poor brain. Both have some , the of Gong Li in front and Zhang Yimou the , but TO LIVE the (I say “”) of the they cover much more and .

TO LIVE (aka – I dunno what the name is) 3 or 4 of one 's life in China, in a that saw not one but two ,and looks at the the had on 's lives. The film the by Mao Tse Tung123live bongda tv live, but does an job of the of a that has been on its head, where the are to not just the way they live but the way they think, and are into that are new, and quite human .

I hope I won't my visa if I admit that I had when I was ,read Marx in . His of a or did seem veryto live 1994, but Marx that the only way for such a to work was if every saw the value of it and took part in it, and that the only way that was to was via – i.e. that didn't agree with the plan. As a ,that didn't seem like such a big price or

I'm not the only to have this price worthto live 1994, and a of have put the plan into – with less than . Mao Tse Tung is,I guessto live 1994, the king of , led TWO of them in China, and more ' lives than else in in the . TO LIVE gives those of us that haven't had to live such some idea of what it might have been like. used to the cushy might just how on earth can live like that, but that's the what the film wants to say… life might deal you some hands, but are and , and you've just got to try to live the best you can. It trite put like that,but the film does a good job of it.

The film is based on a novelto live 1994|Details,with the co- the as well. Zhang Yimou as usualto live 1994,which in this case is to the of the story and and to back off amimi live, them space to live their lives. the film looks great , the is quite . He once more a great from Gong Li and the rest of the cast, with man Ge You the best one of all. The film has been for too much on, but this is never done in an / way, and Zhang Yimou to to evoke an … which makes him all the more to get one (and the used ).

In a full of films, TO LIVE as one of Zhang Yimou's . The film is epic yet , and the is as near to as I've seen. I doubt that even Akira could have the , which is to say that Zhang Yimou ranks in the world's top of film-. Long may his life and


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