they no longer live here|Live Your Truth by Kamal Ravikant

In the end, we are human with human minds human . No from each other or those who came long us. The might , but the stay the same. A truth you learn or a you use can apply to . That’s the of life. The are .

At the , I set out to write how to be on the . But as is the of , what was far . and goals and are just . The tip of a deep . What is the , the below the . The truth . it,the rest is a .

The Book of Five Rings bythey no longer live here, the in .

the book, at the end of each , he only one : You this . If you could boil his down to one thing, that would be it. And I . is never . Even , if it’s just a way, will never fully your . But to dive in, test each out, kick the tires,keep what worksthey no longer live here, the rest, add your own — that’s where magic .

One thing I’ve : we don’t into an life. It takes , a to work on . The best ones I know, like the two above, they do it daily. A . They fail, but they pick up, . If there is any , that is it. And over time, the days blend into a life that the world.

If there’s a of , I think it’s this: life on your terms.

The truth: I live my days as if I will live . off so much, there to be more time, . If I my to my core, never when the chain snaps, then how would I live?

More on my terms. A free man. I’d write more, I’d love more, I’d laugh more.

Even if we may feel like it , we are never alone. I write this, that you will read these words. I write them with the hope that they will your life. I am you my all. My truth. That you will read it is a gift to me. I may never meet you, but that’s ok. I smile, that we are links in a chain in ways than we can .

you in your life, for it to make you grow in and ways. You owe it to . You owe it to those who came you. You owe it to those to you who you’ll never meet. You owe it to those who have yet to come into your life.

Now I know what is: your truth, it. a book, a child, a , art, or a . human we , as long as we live our truth, it is .

“Life is ,” he saidbigo live show mới nhất, “life is . If you’re not , you’re dead.” He . “ is in the . When we the .”

is when we the .

Holy cow, truth.

All is when we say “no,” when we say, “I want it way,” when there is no to the .

“,” he said, back and his chest on , “is when we fully open . To the . the and let it pass.”

I to hug the guy. My mind had been in mode all week, up for like I know . I found , my . “It’s ok,” I said to the worry, to the pain, “it’s ok.” it, as I would a child by far away . And , I felt .

He it too. “See?” he said. “That’s all it is. Let it move you.”

We are far far than our pain. It can come in waves, move us, spice up our life, but , that when we fight it, shut the doors and hold off, , “No. You not be here.”

There is no . There only is. And when you that, the rise, the crest and crash, say to it, “it’s ok. I you.” Even say to it,“I love you.” There is power there. There is .

I once asked one of the best in the how he did it. He’s game- times. He sort ofthey no longer live here|Live Your Truth by Kamal Ravikant, , “if I only stuck with what I was for, I’d be a broom .”

That is not . The best , they’re , they . Many, if you them, will admit that they if they’re good . But what them from the rest is that they jump off the cliff . wings on the way down.

It’s the — or or hope or sheer ; the word doesn’t — that they will it out. That’s it. The only you need to .

I had to fall to an , one that I will carry with me in I do: I am not the . No one is. I am my , what I put on the table. That’s it.

Here’s I’ve about truth. When you first and live it, it your life. In no ways. But it doesn’t end there. You stay at the same level as when you first your truth, life won’t let you.

Life is . A chaos. But with , of . as if to push you to the next stage of your .

Magic , it. But come. And when that , it’s not that your truth you or you it. Far from it. This is part of your — you need to more, you need to go .

ego you’ve , look hard at it. You will find that no serve you. Strip away the . Be . Be open.

Is this hard? . If you fight it, yes. If you see it for what it is and use it for your , you will end up in that will you.

I once heard that we all want good , and good is the of , and is the of bad .

area you want to in your life,cross the . Do it again and again until it is your norm.

A freed methey no longer live here, . the rocks to , start down. This: my was human. , full of , to make his way the world like the rest of us, . Human.

, the key to , . I could no judge him. He did what he could and he was gone.

. This one, the rocks . It didn’t just free me, it made the of .


I am human.

Here I am, , being the of the past, fear. I I had to my to be free. Turns out, I had to . If you come to it that way,for is not just easythey no longer live here, it’s a way of being.

I think often we try to save the world, to love , to them. We think it’s that we need to do to, for. The irony is, it’s all a path that us to the one who needs it the most — .

My hope is that with this , I start with first. . Then, the flows from the out.

As I grow older, a truth dawns upon me. The I carry, the that weigh me down, they are not or or the . Throw any of us on a , no , we would still be .

The I carry are my . That’s it. They are the only . My I am free and light or . of the world is or , my the of what I .

I think that is why many . that takes us away from the maze our seem to run in, slows us down, makes us , and just be. Even for brief , just be.

If there is one thing worth on, it’s the inner self. of the way that works for you, it is the true path. It is where lies.

The truth in life is, we are born, we exist, then we are gone. That’s it. What or after is your , and if you have one, you live it fully.

But this part — birth, life, death — doesn’t if you’re in a canoe in the and I’m in a cafe in , odds are that we’ll both agree on it.

Being born and gone, we have no over. to the best of us. But that one day we will cease, and not that is today or a , that is a key to a life.

It comes when you find the gift. From the , from the pain. There is a gift. When you it, that is when the shift , when you taste .

I don’t think you can force this. Just be open, let you feel move you, live your truth, be your truth, and the light flows in. That’s all it is.

A woman comes to with her son and says to him, “my son eats sugar all day, it’s so bad for his . He you. Can you tell him to stop sugar? I know he’ll to you.”

looks at her for a , .

“Come back with your son in two weeks,” he says. “I will tell him then.”

The woman is ,but . Two weeks later777 live, she , son in tow. looks at the boy and says, “stop sugar.”

“What the…?” The woman’s . “Why did you not tell him two weeks ago?”

“ I could tell him to stop sugar,” says to her, “I had to stop sugar.”

And it, just like Louis CK, I shall dive , learn new of my truth. And live them.

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