they live in a house that was built in|Influencers debate le

(AP) — built a for Black tech on that the for her own .

Now she’s it could all fall apart if a haven for and toxic under the of Elon Musk, a who has he could rules.

With most of her , sees no good as she the play out.

“ Elon took over, I felt like the team was to make a safer , and now they are kind of not there. I don’t know what’s going on . I have lost hope in that,” said , 31,of Black Techviet nam thai lan live, a jobs board and . “I’m both sad and for , both for the and also the users.”

Those are on many who have come to rely on , a small but that has a of sorts for , , and other .

Musk, the CEO of Tesla and ,took over last week in a $44 dealthey live in a house that was built in, his style felt.

Just days later, he had a link to a story from a -known news that made a claim about the on House Nancy ’s at their home. He soon it, but it was a start to his for those about the of .

Musk has also his to the on hate , and allow Trump and other to . He the after the deal , , to form a “ ” and not allow who has been off the site to until it sets up on how to do that.

Yet the use of slurs in an test of his level.

“Folks, it’s ugly here. I am not sure what my plan is. Stay or go?” Taub, a law and with about a , said , as she out a link to her page in case she .

For now,Taub plans to staymai dora live, given the it to “laugh, learn and ” with from the world. But she’ll leave if it “a of and ,” she said in a phone call.

“The are going down and down and downthey live in a house that was built in|Influencers debate le,” said Taub, who has lost 5,000 since Musk took over. “The point might be if I’m just not fun there. There are too many to block.”

The is for of color who have used to and their , while also on the .

“As a user of — as a power user in a lot of ways — it has had a great and I’m very about where go to have this next,” said Vega, a in New York who once death on but also built a vital of and there.

A , hoped to the she felt in her white- field when she out a and a four years ago: “What does a Black in Tech look like? Here, I’ll go first!” The was . She now has more than 60,000 and her own Black tech with large and small.

She also hate and even some death from her of for Black . But she also had with who were to her . said those have left the or are no on the .

’s also uses , and but none can the type of she leads on , where mix and light .

and are more by than text . is no with users. is more . And some are to rush out sites on the fly, it takes times to a ,user- site that can of .

Joanthey live in a house that was built in,an who the that poses to in her new bookthey live in a house that was built in, “Meme Wars,” said it’s not clear if will a safe place for civic . Yet she the that have built there — to users, to their and to Musk.

“This is the exact that Musk and didn’t just build his own ,” said. “If you the , you can the , you can the in many ways.”

In his first few hours at the helm, Musk fired top ,chief legal Gaddethey live in a house that was built in, who had ’s and the globe. And he the board of , him , at least on paper, only to . On , began .

Musk about his duty under their laws to and . The U.S. has far more lax rules and its 238 daily users. But , users and may rein him in if does not first the rules.

“If the go and the users go, it may well be that the of ideas sort of sorts out,” said Cary , an on at the of law .

That could leave to be just for and — a some to urge their of to stay, in order to those .

said she can only “walk on ” and take a wait-and-see .

“I’m going to stay on until there is not a to stay . I don’t know what the holds, I’m kind of for some sort of ,” she said. “For now, I won’t be going .”

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