the voice live show 2|Who Died at ‘The White Lotus’?

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[This story major to the two of HBO’s The White Lotus, “.”]

The final of The White Lotus on its setup — whose dead body has at the chain’s in , Italy.

The hit HBO has, over the of the ’s seven , a who’s who of , all of whom at the White Lotus’ on their own , but who all by ’s end. The only who was to was wife ( Fahy), who the body while a dip in the water.

A police cordon seen outside the O2 Academy Brixton on the morning after the show.

Woman Dies After Crush at Venue Asake Show

Photo Illustration: Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria HBO; Alice Englert in Dangerous Liaisons STARZ, Simona Tabasco in in White Lotus HBO; Nicholas Denton in Dangerous Liaisons ; Theo James in White Lotus HBO; Matt Smith in House of Dragon HBO; Meghann Fahy in White Lotus HBO.

Sexy on TV Is No Small Feat

Could the be a of the plot Tanya ( )? Did one of sex Lucia’s ( ) hotel kill her over money, or ? Or, could have on her , (Theo James)?

Like a high- game of Clue, all of these and more were a into the of Mike White’s , which the rich and . The final hour, , an even more than had been .

The dead body swam upon was to be Tanya (), after the fan- fell to her death from a yacht after this close to what to be a hit on her life. In the , Tanya was with (Tom ), the gay she had been with ever since her , Greg (Jon Gries) all but left her their , when she came upon a photo of what to many eagle-eyed to be of a young Greg and a young . The into the was that was with Greg to Tanya an , so Greg could gain to her money in a (the pair had a ).

(Tom ) and Tanya ( ) at the opera a of . of HBO

Tanya, , comes upon the truth after a call from her (Haley Lu ) that and his “” Jack (Leo ) are not who they to be, and Tanya Greg has put a hit out on her over the money. Now on ’s yacht with two of his , Tanya is told that the man she slept with the night prior is to take her from the yacht back to the on a boat.

for her life,Tanya the bag her “” with himthe voice live show 2, a gun and and kills her , along with and one of the other men. The man and flee for their lives, and when a and Tanya makes an to the yacht and make it onto the , her the and she flips over, her head on the way down, and she falls into the water to her death.

As Tanya’s body sinks,the zooms in on her face and the shot is with music the and Madamthe voice live show 2, which had taken her to see a few prior. The three-act opera, it turns out, had the death of two’s .

In an after-the- with HBO, White his to this Tanya’s death. The said the idea came to him in the first- when Tanya said to Greg, “I’ve had every kind of over the years. Death is the last I haven’t tried.” White says he to bring her back for that , as a “ to…death.”

“Not that I to kill Tanya, I love her as a and I love , but I just felt like, we’re going to Italy, she’s such a kind of diva, -than-life ; it just felt like we could our own to Tanya’s life and her story,” he said.

And that’s why she had to be her own . “I just think her dying at the hands of else felt too ,” he added. “It felt like she to give her best fight back and that she, in a way, had some kind of over was to get rid of her. It just made me laugh to think that she would take out this cabal of and that after she had done that, she just dies this derpy death. And it felt like, that’s just so Tanya.”

White also that the third could bring about more from the , with the being back to Greg. “Maybe you’ll have to wait to find out what ,” he . The first money and the sexthe voice live show 2, and White says the third will be a “ and funny look at death and and . It feels like it could be a rich to do round at White Lotus.”

is the only main who in the this , with both she and Gries their roles as from the first . When to The at the start of the , Tanya and Greg’s : “He’s come into her life and is kind of it up. She’s lost her mom. She’s going grief. She feels . And she feels so , she’s kind of a bit all over the map. And here comes this guy [in one]. But now all of a , in a place and after the is over, . .”

( Fahy) and (Theo James) with ( Plaza) and Ethan (Will ). of HBO

The the of the , yet still more to both Tanya’s fate, as well as the for the rest of the main , the of and , and Ethan (Will ) and ( Plaza) after a week of for the two . “ meet them, they don’t it,it’ on the rockshuong dan live facebook pc,” told THR of Ethan and .“The first time you see them,they’re and get worse. So we did think about where they came it themthe voice live show 2, and what are they to get .”

When after the , White that the “” just a kiss and , and then “ ” Ethan and in the Ethan to let go of his . “It kind of back that first that in the of and fades away over time. By the end you’re like, well, maybe what Ethan and need was just a small dash of what and have.” And while White has hopes for ( ) to , given his wife’s ( by Laura Dern) final phone call, he is less that ever will.

One that is tied up is that of and Albie (Adam ), who leave the White Lotus for a after being by Jack and Lucia, ,with the being to have the men she withlive app kiếm tiền, also Albie’s .

While and Albie to have hit it off at the of the , it was clear to — Albie — that wasn’t as into him as he was into her, which only more when Jack . to THR ahead of the , that the trait that drew to Albie is the same thing that her off. “He’s not the thing that takes up all of the , and she’s there of this woman [Tanya] who takes up all of the space and all of the . is the small one in that . She has all of this woman’s and Albie is the kind of guy who will carry your purse.”

About the , she Albie for Jack he and . “There’s this very , , thing that she wants that Albie will never ,he’s Albiethe voice live show 2|Who Died at ‘The White Lotus’?,” she said. By the end of the , , it seems like ’s had her fair share of .

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Dec. 11, 9:30 p.m.: to Mike White’s HBO after-the- .

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