the voice live show 2|The Voice 2022 Finale Winner Revealed!

The Voice 2022 Finale Winner Revealed

: (l-r) Bryce , Bodie, Lape, Myles, Omar Jose — (Photo by: Trae /NBC)The Voice 2022 !

The Voice 2022 Top 5 sang for your votes on last night’s . And on ’s grand , The Voice a .

The Top 5 Bodie, Bryce and Lape from Team Blake ; Omar Jose from Team John ; Myles from Team . Coach Gwen has no team in the .

The Voice 2022 and Poll !

Guest for : The coach duets with the Top 5, Kane Brown ft. Blake ,Kelly ,,,Adam , Named Tom

We’re live all the here.

The show opens with a spy caper bit Gwen and Blake. Blake the , which he into the . Or !

The epic kicks off with a Blake and Bryce duet. The two sing Blake’s “ Bone.” The coach is going to be on stage A LOT , he has THREE in the . Might as well make it easy for him.

After a short break, take the stage to sing their hit “Ain’t ” which has 1.2 . The song is from 2022’s , Top Gun: (Music From the ).

Now,John and his team Omar Jose join to sing the song “the voice live show 2,.” They are both in of and an .

Nowthe voice live show 2i don’t wanna live forever download, Adam “ World” his Duran Duran cover from the Idol alum’s album, High Drama. He the song to the LGBTQ , those in a Club Q . The was (Not live!). It’s a .

Next,it’s a clip and a of all her bad jokes. The doesn’t laugh! Howie shows up to teach the Fifth how to tell a joke. The bit also to the ’s Got : All-Starsthe voice live show 2|The Voice 2022 Finale Winner Revealed!, Jan. 2.

After that bit, takes the stage to the hit “Junio,” which at #1 on ’s Latin chart in the and Rico,and has radio and the world.

The Voicethe voice live show 2, Girl Named Tom sing a song to their late . Their self- “One More ” is the title track from their first post-Voice EP, a album. The trio. by Kelly last fall, have been in for . Very !

The and -up win a to a theme park.

Now, Lape joins coach Blake for their duet. The two sing “ that Neon ” by Alan . .

coach duet after the break. and her team Myles sing ’s song,“Never Be the Same.” how their vocal arethe voice live show 2, the two pull off a . riffs on the .

Now, it’s his debut on the ofThe his “For What It’s Worth.” The has over 1 + to his .

Time for ! It’s a clip of John and Blake doing an 80s/90’s bit “The .” Blake is Oscar to John’s Felix.

Blake is back on stage (AGAIN) with Kane Brown. The two sing the hit title track from Kane’s most album, Man.The is a , .

The final duet is next. Bodie and Blake take the stage to Blake song,“God’s .” Bodie the song. “This song slapsapp live viet nam,” he says. Whoa. Who is that ! She’s good. like Kelly . Now that all the duets are out of the way, maybe will begin!

Now, Kelly is here to sing her duet , “Santa, Can’t You Hear Me,” from her album,When Comes …” But , who is in . The as a 23, in March.

Next, it’s the “” of The .


the voice live show 2

: (l-r) Bodie, Bryce , Myles — (Photo by: Trae /NBC)

The five take the stage. Of it’s dumb from time. The share what they from their . And the in FIFTH PLACE is Lape. . And in PLACE it’s Omar Jose . He have than Bryce. Oh well. After a break, it’s time for the big . But first, the give their team some words. It’s “This is just the …I’m so proud of your…yadda yadda.” The of The Voice IS…Bryce . WHAT THE F. This sucks. He sucks. Sorry.

Why didn’t the -up and 3rd place . SO WEIRD. They ran out of time. But still. LAME. Time is your . We could have done the dumb and . I’m my eyes on The Voice for .

: Bodie on his that he is the -up. Check out his video HERE.

The Voice 22

5. Lape – Team Blake

4. Omar Jose – Team

3. Myles – Team

2. Bodie – Team Blake – -UP

1. Bryce –

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