the villain wants to live|英文影评:歌舞青春3(High School Musical 3:

The third of the pre-teen and the first to be in : is High 3: Year toxic or ? kids want to be big kids: the out-of- of the High is down to the five-to-nine year olds who to the all-, all- teens on the . The funk of is down with wire wool and to the pre- as a cool time of , first love and song.

The of the high are here – the jocks, the emos, the , the – but they all get along. is and ,with sex and and . Not here. As up for ortải windows live movie maker mới nhất, it is cool, a dream of by High 3: Year.

Not all like it. Let‘s not be mealy about it. class mums and dads at the sight of their ones being up in this cult. It‘s not just knee-jerk anti-; the same exist the great and the good of the USA. And it is not that High their to bad . A safer, more and movie is hard to – it makes March Of The look like Salo, Or The 120 Days Of Sodom. (Ah,if only ‘s movie had of Nazis). It‘s not even that the film comes with of : we loved WALL-E didn‘t we? So what‘s the ? My six-year old me to the . This much we knew : Troy is the hero and the boy with the brown hair. is his . “Have you seen of the other two High filmsthe villain wants to live|英文影评:歌舞青春3(High School Musical 3: ,” I asked.

“I‘ve only seen a bit of High 2,” my .

I was . “But you talk about them all the time!”

She . She has of the films. is not . Let‘s get her on the film out of the way first, I hold forth at in an and , like all . She liked it. Not as good as WALL-E, mind. We that the dance ‘The Boys Are Back‘ in which Troy and his Chad re-enact their games in a was the best bit.

the villain wants to live

The rest of the was . High 3: Year has no , no , no drama – is like a , the young need to be from. ” ” is the that the that do their , on hand to save them from . High 3 has the of an PTA of ,and to keep it safe.

the of all that is the of that of lifedate a live mayuri, art or ; in short,。 High 3 is a from the For The Of And The Of The Young In The of In Line With Your Peers。 All this talk of you of in which the team moves up the field the 。the villain wants to live, the line – of or – is what the dance 。

The Club made a point in an (and to High ,the works of John are )the villain wants to live, down the the teen so that the bad boy and the queen bee walk away 。 Maybe all films push this same , and it only seems so in High all the of -stuff– have been 。

The exist in a of . Their are well- and the agony of a music or . Evans (), an , is given a tea spoon to stir up with, but is with such fond that she is far from the we .

the end of the act, the point at which the odds seem the hero,the make us feel sad by Troy out to sing in the rain. He wants to live his dreamthe villain wants to live, not the dream of his dad, you see. He has to . No of . It has all the of over to have the cake or the ice cream.

The only here is . Our must get old and get on with their lives, and so will the , . For now, this fact of life is to the pre-teen . My and I the of High : The Next , with Troy and and ‘s in the wings,but there was at thethe villain wants to live, a weary that the show will go on so long as the stack up.

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