the sexy live show|Victoria’s Secret pins hopes on Shanghai

LOS — ‘s “sexy”.

And with the for women’s in China at $25 – twice that of the – China is the new “sexy”.

maga show

This month, the is its ‘s Show its “”, young clad in of lace and , wings, in . The show will be on Nov 28 on CBS in 190 and .

After the 2016 ‘s Show in Paris,the from about the use of – and other . So a lot is on the of the in .

Ed Razekthe sexy live show, of the show and ‘s chief , told that there will be by One boy band Harry ,-the sexy live show, Tony Award Odom Jr., and Jane Zhang and solo Yundi Li.

In , 55 from 18 and will be the , top Ju , Liu Wen,He Suithe sexy live show, Ming Xi,Wang Yilive sẽ,Xie Xin and Chen.

in San in 1977the sexy live show, ‘s burst onto the by as an to more , women’s inner wear. The core was to sex into mass- .

The paid off and it the of women’s , in $8 in in 2016 an 11 dip in sales.

Still, all is not rosy in the ‘s .

Women’s have long its of women’s . In “‘s Dirty “, a by ‘s and the of , its , “‘s sends a to these girls and women that their are the of . Women in these ads are ,, and . If women feel they have to live up to this norm , it is only men that it is okay to and women.”

As body types have more , have , and the is more women to place over high- sex .

Add to that the trend to shop and even are the burn. To trim fat,’s its printthe sexy live show|Victoria’s Secret pins hopes on Shanghainadal vs djokovic live, its line, and plans to lay off 200 .

So the could be manna from . Rapid and , with to has given a taste for and .

Big but no easy

After in the 1990s and 2000s in 38 and , ‘s China in 2015, its first in . Plans for a store in are in the works.

on by in media and – , women are , and are to pay a for it.

In ‘s ‘s pink glass-, four-story store on Road near ‘s , range from 300 yuan ($45) to 4,000 yuan ($605) or more.

The store also “The Angel Suite”, one of only three in the world, with the other two being in New York and , to VIP to view the in in a and .

, while the show may , it can’t solve the issue of .

maker La Perla has eight in China with down the pike. ‘s yoga brand is also in with a store in . And China’s own -based mass- brand Cosmo Lady has claim to 4 of the .

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