the sexy live show|Sex, dogs and chickens

Sexthe sexy live show,dogs and – 2004 weird ()

: 2005-01-01 23:55

sex toy shuts . man tries to lions to Jesuschihayafuru live action 3, gets .

men to sit down. get busy on line.

by the that the world, 2004 was a year for the weird and wacky.

guide dog for only its ‘s in . boy in blood for in class.

The list is , proof that truth is all too often than .

A sex toy into a bin at an a alert that only ended when an came to claim what was as “an adult .”

A who leapt into the lions’ den at zoo and “Jesus will save you” was lucky to with just a bite in the right leg when he tried to the king of to .

in ? Then be .

Nine out of 10 into a – were by an .

When it comes to ideas,man’s knows no .

A came up with a best- that men if they try to use the upthe sexy live show,them: “Put the seat back down right awaythe sexy live show|Sex, dogs and chickens, you are not to pee up.”

The have been of being a with a sense of .

But tales that would not look out of place in a Monty prove they can laugh at .

a who over his an to flee.

A cost- was for using just four of seven in their Snow White show.

A that most men wear the wrong size . said they find co- to be the most of their jobs.

had its share of too.

UK home staff were so proud of a 105-year-old woman who had since the age of 15 that they her with a of her in the .

A train and the of a the man was dead.

A South radio went a more live than he when he was on air for his phone while from a local .

had its rough in 2004.

A court a man of a woman after he said he was also at the time.

All three wives of a 67-year-old man took in an bid after the wife by an pair of boots.

A man shot his wife dead after he her for a fruit their house.

A tried to have his wife with abuse she to have sex with him on five .

Two with the Bull Shark and Nurse Shark – suits to get in a shark tank.

But from Latin to ,love twice to .

A man his lover in athe sexy live show, fight and then the man’s body in and onion sauce and ate it over three days.

And a man in shame after his wife into their house to a noise and found him sex with a . The was .


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Sexdate a live season 4, dogs and – 2004 weird

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