the sexy live show|Christina Aguilera: ‘I feel sexiest in t

Christina Aguilera:

,, U.K. — may be a woman, but she hasn’t opted for in her late 20s.

“I feel in the nude,” the 28-year-old and wife of music Joran told U.K.‘s issue, to ’s Metro . “When you see you and your it. It makes you feel good. You know,the scars of life are .”

And one of ’s to strip down her .

“I love a bath with my and a glass of winehọc viện cá cược live-action phần 2,” she said. “He has a way of me feel sexy.”

But when it comes to the human body, it’s the .

“I think women are such ,” she told the magthe sexy live show,’s Daily . “Andthe sexy live showthe sexy live show,I meanthe sexy live show, I’m to men . But, , if I had the a naked man or a naked woman,I’d the woman. We’re just and more to look at.”

she is a mom to 2-year-old Maxthe sexy live show|Christina Aguilera: ‘I feel sexiest in t,she is to stay sexy.

“It’s to keep a sense of when you’re a momoooo live,” she said. “You’re still you and you can still be in your .”

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