thẻ đỏ live|Nottingham Forest receive ‘amazing’ Dani

have shown their at the of on media.

The 21-year-old has 'sthẻ đỏ live, pen-to-paper on a six-and-a-half-year deal from .

and as well as other clubs were also with an the Reds his . With some due to ,there is a could be make his debut this when make the trip to .

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thẻ đỏ live

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Here is how the Reds on media…

: The has been to is the Las menu “Sambathẻ đỏ live|Nottingham Forest receive ‘amazing’ Dani,,& white set the scene for from .” Now we're for fun. Love. It.”

: “Luiz will be one happy man.”

: “The of this is my mind!”

: ” to be a real young doesn’t he. 6 year shows real from for a 21 year old. Bags of who can be a bit hot at timesthẻ đỏ live,but likes to play when he has the ball. times at NFFC.”

: “First wethẻ đỏ livethẻ đỏ liveparent complain that it is difficult to live with teenager,now we are .”

: ” got a bit of an now…can’t see to sit on the bench!erik hát live, & for me.”

Red: ” . Join us in our of a dream.”

thẻ đỏ live

Keen: “Who do we think we are?! ! !”

Andy : “Can’t wait to see this in ! 6 year deal too…well done at the club! here we come…”

: ” news. The Reds mean .”

thẻ đỏ live

: “Worth here all night . OMG what a time to be a fan. We've so long for times like these.”

: “Can’t wait to hear ‘It’s just like ’ round The City .”

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