tea live|Bingo Tea, a Taiwan

No, not boba place again!

That was the first thing in mind when I first saw their sign go up 。 Yet, I’m and being the that I am, I want to know what makes them want to open up Asian drink place in the same area where Joy Yee is king when it comes to boba or () tea 。 Not to that every in has a large of boba tea in their menu。 , we (Nancy Loo and me) were on an visit to give them a try。

When asked which to try, I ’t think of what it was I to taste。 I said that I had my share of boba ( ) and so I’d like for them to me。 Right away Jin,their Teatea live,said that it was about their Sea Salt Milk Foam drinktea live, a very drink is the one that sets them apart from all the in 。 The tea drink was and 。 I’ve never had like it!

The came in as a ,too. Given that the place is Bingo Teatea live, I didn’t think much about the of their baked goods. I was wrong. Very wrong. Just like how they were with their ,they were even more about their bread. Their soft Bread is truly above and in to those I’ve tried in . To metea live|Bingo Tea, a Taiwan, this is their gem! It was .

We also that all went in China to the of their . It was also to them that we the kind of they have in using . Teas were hand- and only the in are used.

I the Mango Cream- Bread and the Jin Feng Black Tea Sea Salt Milk Foam drink that I tried. one not to miss is their milk !

Bingo Tea’s grand is on 24th.

Bingo Tea

2150 S Ave

, IL 60616

(312) 328-6668

Crazy with yummy items from @! The are here ( daily and sells out fast) and there’s a tea . # # # # # @mjtam

A post by Nancy Loo (@) on Aug 16, 2018 at 1:57pm PDT

Most #Asian kids I know grew up with the White , a milk candy (much like a or taffy) with the rice paper . So happy to find that @ makes their own of this candy. It comes in , ,and more also with nuts and ofthey live happily, in rice paper. ! More on ! # # # # #

A post by MJ Tam ❤✈️ (@mjtam) on Aug 16,2018 at 2:17pm PDT

Live the # with us! Enjoy the foodtea live,funlive + giới từ, , and with @ & @MJTam

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