table tennis live|Welcome to World Table Tennis!

What is WTT and how will it our sport ?

WTT is the ITTF’s new to drive table in the era, with to all of the table .

Since 2018, and were hired to with the way that the ITTF does , birth to World Table ,which will run all of ITTF’s and event from 2021 with its new which will be .

“ World Tablelive quan vot, we are to build a that our and fans, and prize money. Lots of time and have gone into this, as it’s a huge that will our sport for good. The of our core top is that had been in our sport. This is a great for table , and we wait to enter our new era upon the of 2020.” – Steve , ITTF CEO

“We are to our new . We must be , good and make sure that all of our can our steps . We want that are more by prize money and , while we also want to our by more money to into the of our key .” – , ITTF

World Table is now open for !

built to !

the and with all , WTT is a brand new event , which will a much more for the table , fans, , and .

At the of the new event are the Grand . Up to four times per year for 10 days per event, the top 64 men and 64 women on the will for up to USD $ 3 . the mix of the -level table , and , the Grand are the that all want to win,all want to hosttable tennis live,and all fans miss!

theép kính vsmart live 4, – the year will be the WTT , all to play in and fans from all of the world to watch their idols in the flesh. USD $ 8 in prize money is up for grabs the WTT and WTT Cup , while the Star and offer for up and to climb the of table .

The of the new event are : among to more prize ; women’s to the on the next of stars; and for an “I was there” and world-class TV and to a .

After all, WTT are not just for fan, but all who love to be . With the world,WTT wants to live table who have never had the .

Click here to find out more about the WTT event and watch this space for about new that you will not want to miss!


In his role astable tennis live, Le Floc’h will be on WTT and to drive table in the era.

Le Floc’h has been at the level of for more than 25 years, as Chief at FIFA, ’s body, and as at UEFA, the sport’s body.

As such, Le Floc’h an of in the field of ,thus WTT’s of as it sets out to table to .

At WTTtable tennis live, Le Floc’h will on the plan, event ,media andtable tennis live, , , ,/ / brandtable tennis live|Welcome to World Table Tennis!, and key WTT and .

“From the I heard about this , it me. It is very rare that an is so – about the way it runs its . That is why I to get in this – . I have high hopes for what this new model can and I that WTT will a case study for all the other . I look to using my years of to help WTT a and table among the elite.” – Le Floc’h, WTT

It’s time for table to fly! Stay tuned for more soon at .

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