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your team for a to live chat is as as up your . the of as a tool leans on how your use it. I some that might help you an ideal for using in your team. Enjoy!

how many you need

You just your trial and how many you need ? Sadly, I don’t have a ready as it on many . But with the below, you can make an that be for the very first days. You can also learn how to use to the of to needs of your .

First days with

The way of chat when you haven’t had any chats yet is using data from other . For phone or email . at data of cases,you can how many chats might come your way. Forsupport live chat|Help your team succeed, if you had 30 calls and about a in a day, you might to have a few more chats about the same . On the other hand, chats often takes less time than on the phone.

A rule of thumb is that can take about 90 chats in a day,6 at a time. But that only to teams where are and not very . If you have a and every chat takes an hour then your will be able to way fewer cases in a day.

worth when you’re how many you need:

the of with

After a few dayssupport live chat, you might at what time chats peak and what days are . But of it all down ,you can look into the total chats that shows when and how many chats are your way. the of chats by the chat limit set for your to get the of that you need at a time of the day.

LiveChat Total chats report with 24-hour distribution

with plan

If you are on the plansupport live chat, you can take a look at the . It takes data from the 4 weeks (so if you want to get a for a it will take data from last four ) and shows you how many you will need.

Staffing prediction report in LiveChat

You can also to a CSV file to your own . If you want to your work with data, you can also use our API to pull from the .

Exporting data reports in LiveChat


If your the team hasn’t used , it might be quite a . No to worry , there are a few you can do to make this .

tasks in your team


Our say that the most way is to tasks, so Agent A takes phone calls, Agent B /, Agent C takes chats. They can the day,so the work is not too .

No team

To how to tasks and ajoy 4 vs live 4, you talk to your team and see what works best. There are a few ways to plan your team’s :

if you need shift work

If you ,you might have that send after your work hours. If you get a lot of from the formsupport live chat, it might mean that you your work hours. You don’t need to 24/7 right away, but you might want to get with an or shift.

what you need on your . But there are a few worth out and down:


When care of , you can (so : like time) or (so past chats and to see what could have been done ). Or mix both of them.

For chats:

If you a level of in your , it is easy to track it later on. Here’s what can help you with :

You can also use chat to look for , for , if you have a chat at 90 for weeks and there is a drop,maybe there is that is to yoursupport live chatviệt nam vs uae live, that needs to be and there is your can do about it.

For :

Go old chats and to check if the way are to your with your . You can do or have a . For , can tag chats that went badly and that were and are worth with .

You can also a buddy so check 10 cases by agent every week and give them both for and on what could have been done .

Train your

your is if you want to keep a of when chat . There are a few you can use to help learn:

There are three major of chat : , style and app .


To get new , make sure you have an base as well as they can use to learn about your or . We using that can let you help for free. Added bonus: your can use it the app.

Show your style

If you own a brand with a very tone of voice that your love, don’t be to show it. Some might not like like that on chat . That’s why it’s never a good idea for your to what the wants. It’s best for to tune in to the ’s style.

Let them get with

start real chat, you might want to show them the app. Let them click the , show the most tools. Show how to and so on. It will be way for them to chats if they know where are.

Make your ’ life

A few more you can do to your agent’s :

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