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Teen spent 657,000 yuan to show for male hosts.

A in has that a the 657,000 yuan ($99stream live,300) that her spent hosts with ” gifts”.

stream live

The womanstream live, only as Liu,lost a to the money instream live, but has an with No 3 ‘s Court.

A said on that the court Liu’s about two weeks ago and that the case is still .

Liu said her 16-year-old , Xiao Ya, used money and Liu’s bank while in to hosts on Inke, a app by .

The girl sent gifts of money to show to her hosts, Liu said — young, men who their daily lives, music and video .

The gifts, such as a , cost just 0.1 yuan, while the most —a —costs about 3,350 yuan.

“I was when I found out my had blown of of yuan ,” Liu, a , told Legal . “But my told me: So what? else is doing it; even my ‘s dad is in on the fun.”

Liu said Xiao Ya had her ID and bank . She said her is an and had a time to life in .

But the spree was so far over the top, that Liu to take to court to the money.

stream live

the , the ‘s that Xiao Ya’s and all of its were under Liu’s name. ,most of the were donemina young live,.

A from Inke told China Daily on that users has been a and the has been real-name and face to by .

At the same timeshow hàng trên live, Inke will a and that can a time , the of , the said.

stream live

The had 350 users and was worth $3 in 2016, to , a and . , cases of on have been this year.

On ,a 12-year-old girl from blew 14stream live,000 yuan in eight days on video game using her ‘s money. Her earns 2,000 yuan per monthstream live|Mom wants livestream money back, News .

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