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Vibie is the most and live ,Vibie live is an for live and your live video. You can be to your own style live’s story video and an live by to the girlstream live video facebook,guystream live video facebook, cute and and .

Live your story, ,funnywould you like to live in a modern house,, ,tripstream live video facebook|Vibie Live, foody, style,and etc. Get many and gift from Vibie live by our Vibie’s with your !

Join Vibie Live for a new !

What’s ?

▶ Live video : and !

Share your by and your ownstream live video facebook,your to be a ‘Live idol’ a super star in Vibie live !

▶ : your

an in live room!

▶ : Get the !

We will push when your are so you won’t miss any live in Vibie live!

▶ : Send your tell them how you feel

Buy and send to by send a live room

▶ Coin : money to get ‘Candy’

Help your to win Event .

▶ Level : Login and do to get point (EXP)

High level is very ‘Name Tag Color’ are and cute in live room

▶ : coin to own ’s live room

will first & you and .

▶ Event : Join Vibie’s every week

Vibie have New every week win and your Candy!

▶ : Find your right soul mate or best !

You can Name or Vibie IDstream live video facebook, or look Vibie’s by .

▶ : your own style ,your own life.

You will have many in Vibie Livehow to live at the max level, every very .

▶ : event live room

3 then let’s play Lucky Bunny Event to get Vibie .

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