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09/01/17,we are no Glide for 。 You can to Glide for your phone or to use your of Glide but we will no be or 。 For more @glide。me。▶ What is Glide?Glide is a live video app that the of with the of video。 Now your can see you smile and laugh of an emoji or an “LOL”。

▶ How does it work?Glide is easy to use: Just tap on the and your video will be sent 。 Tap again when you’re done。 Your can watch you live as youstream live video facebooklive nadal vs medvedev, and you can see their in less than one after you 。▶ Why is it ? can be you’re ready – chat live or later。 You don’t need to wait until your are to chat。 All video chats are saved on the cloud and don’t crowd up space on your , so you can watch and as many times as you’d like, free。

▶ What can I use Glide for?Glide is an free tool for who wants to chat with their in a fast, way。 It’s also for:• Group chats of up to 50 – chats,BFFsstream live video facebook|Glide – Video Chat Messengerviet live tv, study , etc。• in touch with who live far away – the can is best for each ,so aren’t an issue。。 • to – Glide is very and doesn’tstream live video facebookstream live video facebook, kids can use it 。 • Sign – Glide is proud to be used by deaf and hard of the world who the of video chat。

If you're that text can't say ,you're ready。 Start and get with your loved ones!▶ What Else?• yourstream live video facebook, or tap to live – fits • Great for when video is less ▶ Get in touch with usBy the app you agree to the End User (EULA): : : : or @: Need help?

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