she doesnt live in london because|Mum

A of six in a in East have been told they won't be moved into a home for 13 years. , his wife Rasha Al- and their four aged one to nine all sleep and eat in the same room of their flat, which is owned by in Tower .

The room is with a bed and two beds on side. Every night the will eat their on the floor on a mat there is else to eat. Mr ,who works 12 hour night- and has been on the list since 2002live png, has been for four-bed in the since 2017, but was told by the that the wait time is 13 years.

This means the might not be able to move into a new home until 2030. The have also been for three-bed homes since 2020, but could be left for nine years until they are a home, to a seen by the Local .

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Rasha Al-Buriahi (C) and Mohamed Abudakar (L) pose for photos with their children in one bed flat in Island Gardens in London, Britain 05 January 2023. Facundo Arrizabalaga/MyLondon

Rasha Al- with her in their tiny flat in East (Image: /)

Mrs Al- says in the flat is her to have a time at , as she has in class it can be so hard to sleep at night. The 's ,9she doesnt live in london because|Mum, told the LDRS: “I can't sleep at night. I sleep at break but when I was in Year 3,I slept in . I just keep on . I can't stop.”

the 's front roomshe doesnt live in london becauseshe doesnt live in london becauseshe doesnt live in london because, , and room are all by black mould and Mr the flat has a . They say they have of their and tiny home. The try to stop their from being by mould by their cases,but Mr and his wife the black mould is their kids to fall ill.

The death of Awaab Ishakshe doesnt live in london because, a two-year-old who died in 2020 after to black mould in his home, has left Mrs Al- for her own .

Inside the kitchen of the cramped studio flat where mould has smothered the ceiling

the of the flat where mould has the (Image: /)

Mrs Al- said: “When I saw his story, I . Why isn't being done for my ? For three days I 't sleep. I up a child died.”

In a seen by the LDRS,a who saw the 's flat said: “The 's does not leave room for to walk the housebts v live, there are also cords , and these can be out by the while 'their '.

“I am that if is still an issue this might on the , which in turn could on the baby's lack of and to .”

Mr says he can't how, on homes , he and his are no to being a new home. The have been in Band 2A of the 's , which is for and , to the 's .

He said: “Every week I'm , my is where are all the going? How do all these have , more than us? Some have less and they are a and get a new home – we don't get .”

The claim they can't they can't pay a large sum of rent and it's less for to on .

The bathroom smells of damp and is also covered in mould

The of damp and is also in mould (Image: /)

The dad-of-four said: “It's , it's . I was full-time but now for only two days of the . I'm for new jobs but it's not easy. At the same time I have to look after my kids and take them to .”

The claim they have out to the times, and both Tower and are aware of their .

A Tower told the LDRS: “We are sorry to hear about this ’s . is a for many in Tower due to a lack of homes. one in six in our are as , which is three times the , and above the inner where are high.”

The said the is a of big homes and the 's has over 21,000 on it, which is the third list in after and .

They added: “As you can see, is a issue and one that doesn’t have a . But we are doing what we can to help meet their need. We’ve set an of 1,000 new homes per year, with a focus on -sized homes. We’re also at ways to ease using like knock- and .

“We the to speak to a about what may be to them, like our .”

A for said they are ” steps” to the mould. The added: ” is aware that Mr and Mrs Al- and their are on the of Tower ’s list for a home. In the , we have the home they at, and are steps to the mould.”

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