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I don’t think I had good sex until the end of my 20s.

In my early 20s, I and raved about how ~~ my sex life was. I had a ton of it, I about it to my and I felt, like, , baby.

sex some live

In all , I’m sure I sex life was . But what I now is, I didn’t even know what sex was. I was the high of else on for the high sex.

And while hot and is sexy, sex is far more than your on.

sex some live

There was a shift in my sex life when I the of my 20s, andI soon there were rules you live by if you to have an sex life.

Maybe you’re like me, and you have a to the word “rules.” it back of in a steel chair after in .

sex some live

sex some live

sex some live

But, babes, the rules I’m about to on you are not the kind of rules you had in high or at your soul- job.

I’m going to give you what my calls a “” with rules. These rules are rules that are going to make your sex life — rules I hard way. (I find out the hard way.)

Sex is never an .

I know this , but do you know how much I I was super young?

If the was , I felt to fuck her. If she was super kind and liked me a lot, I felt to fuck her.

I had sex out of guilt, I had sex to be “nice” and I had sex it just like did.

I felt to have sex, it . You just go the . Your brain is , while your body is else. is .

If you want to have sex it only come from the fact that you feel like sex — that’s it.

sex some live

Let go of being all the time.

Some of the best sex I’ve ever had has been the most sex I’ve ever had: being into a stall by the girl I’m up with on an night outor going at it on the the of the day.

All of this sex was , so it had an added of — a layer of and .

But I was never in these . And by , I mean .

I had not my legs (or other body parts) that day. I wasn’t my pair of . My hair was a wreck, and I wasn’t or with a dose of .

As I got older, I you have to let go. If you say no to new ( ) you’re not “,” you’re going to miss out on a lot of that make life worth .

sex some live

as much as .

Every on the will feed the same : “You can’t else to make you feel good until you make feel good.”

I hate to say it, but those smug with their smug ’s in human are right.

The more you get it on with , the you’ll be, and mind- sex is all about being able to . Which leads me to my next rule…


Never be to to your — in ultra- — what feels good.

Even the most in the world aren’t going to know spot makes your body tick. (And when they do, they’re toxic . I don’t know why the is just like that.)

sex some live

, , .

When you give time to , you’re your some much- . The new when it’s and wild.

“The new when it’s and wild.”

And when you let , you’ll tap into all the ~~ that get you off, girl.

Let go of you feel sex.

It’s hard to be and not be of your . We’re to feel like sex is we only do to . Andif we enjoy sex, we’re dirty sluts.

sex some live

But you know what? Maybe we are dirty sluts, but who says being a dirty slut is a thing?

If being a dirty slut means I’m a woman who , has sex she wants and doesn’t her self-worth to how many (or how few) she’s slept with, then I’m happy and proud to be a dirty slut! “I’m happy and proud to be a dirty slut.”

So let go of the shame, girl. The only has into for being is of how your is.


sex some live

Just of your , doesn’t mean you have to be. Own it. Rock it. it. Once you part of , you more in every other part of your life. And trust me, no one fucks with girls who own their .

What is your ? Let us know! below(click”write a ”at the of page) and don’t with by “….”in the top right .

sex some live

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