sex mature live|Debate heats up over explicit content in

The of in China’s first sex for in has a wave of and among .

“To let sperm find the ovum as soon as ,dad his penis into mom’s at full tilt and the sperm mom’s .”

This taken from the ” Steps” with of the – penis and in the first part of the for aged six to seven years old.

“It’s too much for . Is that porn for kids? It is notradiosbay live radio,” said a Liu, who that the may be too for her eight-year-old.

Liu’s are by many in a that has never sex to , said 33-year-old Wu Ou, chief of China’s .

“It’s not wrong to sex in ways, but the in the book are too rude, and it’s even from our ,” Wu said, is for from 20 to 35.

The be more and more in the books for , she said.

In her , early sex is a field more and more ideas, which be in with vivid words and clear .

The for by at the Sex are into three for from six to years old.

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The first phase “My Body,” “Where Am I From,” and “Can You ?”

The “Body ” and ” to with ,” as well as ” in ” and ” Man.”

The third the “To ,” “AIDS ,” as well as “To Be A .”

The trial run for the books is set to begin in 18 in the .

, books for are being by and will be in 30 ,said an with the of .

‘s books not for

some are that the seems to be too or for their youngsex mature live, are their .

Feng , of one of China’s most and , (), is also a who the book and .

” see dirty in the book while may not. They see in a way and we not judge from our . The words ‘penis’ and ” will come to the or later. There is no need to avoid them in ,” Feng told .

“The ‘s world is pure and be adult eyes,” said Lu , one of the books.

In China, sex often faces , from an older of who told their that were up in or out of rocks,Lu said.

China’s sex issex mature live, in which had been the and, , the topic to be by or , she said.

more after past , she added.


In 2002, an sex by the Sex for was after from .

Since then, new books have been based on among 453 and fifth grade in 14 in , Lu said.

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The that less than 20 of of sex in .

Only five of the could , while 16 did not know these at all.

More than 14 said they would not know how to and four said they felt “” to .

“The the of sex in China’s ,” said Zhang ,of the Sex of ‘s .

Sex has been in and and know about theirsex mature live|Debate heats up over explicit content in, many , Zhang said.

“Some girls even the of their was ,” Zhang said.

The new books the of sex as well as and – . They are to offer sex , and to , and , she said.

She added that many have had of in sex .

sex mature live

in the city of New York that they will sex for 11-year-old in the . These will on the age for as well as how to use a and .

this also , it the of the , she said.

Zhang said she is more about the than the . She hopes the won’t feel too shy to the , which could waste the .

Sex based on and

China has very few sex . Only a few or have sex- , which look more like sex than , said Ding Zheng, an of the Love and Sex of , who also holds a in from the China ‘s .

“I to share from a more . When we talk about , we of , , and how to the of a penis,” said Ding, whose aged 20 to 35 years old who live in China’s big , not .

Ding take a role in sex .

“The more open your is, the your child’s is,” he said.

sex mature live

Guan Bo, a in China’s in ,sex begin at an early age.

sex the ages of three and fivesex mature live, and with ,Guan said.

there may be few sexsex mature live, has led today’s to about than in , it for China to its early sex in a way that is both and for .

“It is too late to first sex in . give a sex to each to help the sex books. And then these may not exist,” said Duan Yupei, a at No.4 High , one of ‘s most .

“My can see a flash of the and the of the in my , and I to say words like ‘penis’ and ” ,” Duan said.

“It will not be when you say it . The bias only comes from ,” he said.

” need to know that sex is clean, , , and human when they are very young. We need more words of ‘to at full tilt into mom’s ,'” said Xiao Ji, a of the ,China’s most clubk567j live, and a of at ‘s of .

Liu , a club who is at in south China’s , fairy tale to pen sex books of or .

“This new book tells the truth but no space for the of young ,” Liu said. “Sex is not only about , it is also a thing.”Wall down for week on fears

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