set son hold live|Which of the following statements is NOT

All live most of their lives close to sea or fresh water. They may game for miles,but they to the ofset son hold live, lakes, or seas. land has a bare look. Large rocks, , and sand cover much of the . (地衣) grow on the rocks, and where there is soil, grass, , and even small to live. No trees can grow on land,so call it the . There are some in landset son hold live|Which of the following statements is NOT, such as , which eat the . Other ,like the white fox and the gray wolfset son hold live, eat the . The is a meat-eater, too,and may even eat a wolf when food is .

The year has two main parts:A longset son hold live,cold and a shortgalaxy buds live review, cool . and fall are too short to be . is the best time, as food is . But it is also the time when are very busy. is never far away, and the men must bring home extra meat for the women to and store,for can be in to feed a .

The Far North is the land of the sun. This is true in the ofset son hold live, for April 21st and 21st the sun never sets in . But in the Far North is a land with no at all. 21st the of see the sun set south of them, and they don’t see it again until 22nd. All on earth get about the same of a year. As a , if is , has to be .

in the Far North are pitch-black. As in the rest of the world, the stars and moon a light. The also help the to see. And with the with snow, even a light is back to the ‘s eyes.

6. Which of the is NOT true?

A. do not eat .

B. like to chase one .

C. on water.

D. are meat-.

7. In the year,.

set son hold live

A. there is no and fall

B. is cold and is hot

C. is a time for food

D. comes early and goes late

set son hold live

8. What’s the of the word “pitch-black” in 4?

A. Dark with a light.

B. A dark.

C. Not dark at all.

set son hold live

D. dark.

9. From thethe world is full of monsters now, therefor i want to live as i with, we can infer all of the that .

A. are more to eat in

B. women are for

set son hold live

C. meat is the main of food for the

D. is an part of life

10. Why is in the Far North?

A. the Far North is far away from the sun.

B. the sun is not seen for five of the year.

C. the sun never sets in .

D. see the sun set south of them.

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