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March 6, 2007 — — ,thescandal news live updates, which in the world to and edit , has found in the midst of , and its are not at all . This , at one of the Web's most sites,a who his and faked a .

Theis your hometown a good place to live, known by the ,on his user as “a of at a in the .” Inscandal news live updates, Ryan was a 24-year-old from who on like ” for ” when .

on being an open- that users to vet and edit , but no one vets its .

The also made last month when the at that it had from found on the Web site in .

Don Wyatt, of 's , said he was not to learn of the at .

“The main we it,” said Wyatt, “is that it's an open . It's to too many hands in its and,as such00000 live, .”

” like ,” he said, “can whole that are and of who they are. , this sort of will lead to in terms of .”

But to — a who he has on some 100,000 — the lack of is the site's .

from , said those who come to the site to edit and are to be “in good faith.”

“The of ,” he saidscandal news live updates, ” its . It grows in size at 1 a week and is the No. 10 Web site in the world.”

said he 's ” but ” and that the use of and is par for the . He said there was mixed among users,with many but to an he as “a good guy and hard .”

the open door for newscandal news live updates|ABC News Live, , a for the site, told , “In the , we will do more into the of of trust.”

The came to light when The New wrote an to a piece it ran in July 2006 . When later by the , he was “24 and holds no , and that he was never .”

Soon after he was outed, as a to the site. His user page now has a black that reads “.” A by reads, “My here will be short and to the point: I'm no part here. I have an of , by e-mail, but it's time to go.”

In a to his own user page,co- Jimmy Wales 's and and wrote: ” is built on (among other ) twin of trust and . The of the on the core being about andscandal news live updates, so that we can trust each other. The of our work on human and of .”

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