reason to live meme|LeBron James isn’t good enough to beat t

James is the best alive.

Still. Yes, he is. He’s still a point guard with the body of a power . He’s still a who can take over any game. He’s still the in the , of down any at him.

He’s in the of one of of his … and still led a team to a sweep past a 60-win Hawks team. He can beat you in more ways than any in the , and will be in his fifth NBA , no one has done since the 60s teams an 8-team NBA.

But he isn’t good to beat the State .


This isn’t a knock on James. , it’s a to how good and the are, and how they’ve been built to the .

The can James

Most teams in the NBA are lucky if they have one guy they can throw at James. The Hawks, Thabo ,had . That was it.

The have three great to throw at him —reason to live meme,Andre and Green. None can stop James (no one alive can)son 3ce cloud lip tint live a little,but is a 6-foot-8 ball hawk who isreason to live meme|LeBron James isn’t good enough to beat t, was first team NBA All- just a year ago,and Green just in the this year for NBA of the Year.


The also have Bogut the paint and help on James. Bogut will leave the to from the ’ twinreason to live meme, and , but I ’t be if the on James in the post with a guard in order to allow Bogut to grab more .

The can on , they can the , they have a rim in Bogut, and they have guys they can throw at James. That is the for the .

The can score

The have been able to score on just about this . It like the might have the Dubs … State just made a () , the to just stop Tony Allen on , and won the 4-2.


There are just too many . on the team can shoot. Even the guys ’t shoot,andreason to live meme, are both over 50% in field goal this .

Kyrie is with an , and even when he isn’t, he’s not to the human Curry and Klay . and Iman will work their butts off on the end, and I’m sure J.R. Smith will give he’s got there, but that be able to the guard of Curry, , , Shaun and is a lot of them.

I the will go small, and play James at the four with , Smith,and or at . If that’s the casereason to live meme, the can just in the 6-foot-7 and let him go to work on in the post.

Any the with a , the have a .


And that’s the thing,and the I think the will win this . James is the best aliveableton live 11 full crack, but Curry is the -best alive. If they each other out, it comes down to the casts. And with Kevin Love out for the , and with an , it falls on James and a very good but not great cast to win a State, who won 67 games this year in a .

on the is great. They go 10 deep. They well, and each they seem to get . James is a , but he isn’t good to take down this . Curry and the win in five games.

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