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Live Games App – Play Live Games,live quiz gamequiz let live, bingo game & live poll game,win & earn money in PayTM or

is a Live Free Games App by Times where you can play quiz game showquiz let live, bingo game & guess all with of other users to earn money . ,app – live quiz gamev live twice, –a live bingo games & an live quiz game where wins.

Get ready for – the app and play live quiz game, fun quiz & bingo game to earn money !

app, play – live quiz app & test your quiz at 8:30 PM for Rs. 50,000 & show at 1.00 PM for Rs. 20,000 to , bingo game at 4.30 PM for Rs. 20,000 or at 3:00 PM for 5,000 & Rs. 9:00 PM for Rs. 10,000 daily.

Refer quiz games app and money app to yourquiz let live|Live Quiz Games App, & for an extra life.

-Live & Quiz Game Show to Earn Money

is one of the most quiz games app in India where you with of in live quiz game show. The host asks , which you have to to win the cash prize.

How to Play Live Quiz Game?

* the games app to earn money

* Sign up using your & OTP

* The host will ask , each 3 . Only one of these is

* get only 10 to each

* If your is or you run out of time, then use your extra Life to be in the game

* the Q7 Kal-Nayak /Agent Rana using your life to get an extra life at the end of quiz game. Both & non- users can this

* 10 quiz game ,host cheat code to your of

How to play the ?

Go to to play & guess the quiz . The asks 8 with 3 and 10 to each. There will be no orquiz let live, with will be . Guess all to win your share from prize money. You can play even after being , a late entry to the game or back after of the ,alsoquiz let live, use an extra life in the game to the game even after an .

– Live Bingo Game Show

in –live bingo game daily at 4.30 PM. Play bingo game with of users & win cash. The will call out live,for which will get 6 to . Enjoy bingo live game app to win loads of ! now to enjoy the bingo game!

How to Play Bingo Live?

* Go to to play live bingo game

* Join the game every day at 4.30 PM to get asex buny live, each 3 rows & 15

* get 4 to win top, , rows & full house

* will a , will get only 6 to each

* If all the in a row match the , you will win the row prize

* After the claim, our will the & prize money will be in your E-

* If all the of your match the 36th call, you will win the grand prize for Full House

* will be at the top of the

* In case your claim is , we allow one bogus call per bingo game.

We need the :

: To basis your geo

SMS: For

: To link your Paytm/ to the . We also use this to send show

us on &

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