quality of live|Applied Research in Quality of Life

“ Well-Being” in in of Life (ARQOL)

As well-being is to of lifequality of liveasiabookie live,we are a on “ well-Being” in in of Life. 2021 the on well-being which are with the aims and scope of ARQOL (see below). your via the !

Aims & Scope

in of Life (ARQOL)quality of live, and with -of-life in the areas of the and 。 It aims to that have for,or on of on the of life。 The are fromquality of live,inter- and 。 ARQOL in a ofinto the new world live,, , and , , and ,, , ,workquality of live, ,and human 。

It helps apply and based on such as well-beingquality of live|Applied Research in Quality of Life, human , human , , and -of-life。 ARQOL is the of the for -of-Life ()。

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