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A flock of tech and music have since 2014cách chơi bigo live trên điện thoại, from video sites (Youku, iQiyi, Video), music (video) (’s Music, Kugou, Cloud Music, ), (YY, Momo), (Douyu TV,), music and ( Sky , YEMA), to newly (Panda TV).

LeTV, video and an early into , some 367 music and views in total in 2015. 4.9 video ofa show by pop Chris Leein 2015. LeTV now also shows by , such as Katy Perry and .The ’s goal for 2016 is more than 600 shows.

The Show by Chris Lee by LeTV

, the giant that has been video- music in-house or from third since 2008, saw more than half of their from third- or lower tier where go to, to the . The by Jolin Tsai, one of the most pop in China, in 2014 40 views 48 . Live Music, from ’s self- music show, began to live in-house on a basis in May 2015.

Music , one of the most music in China, a total of more than 18 views in 2015, three times of the of the to its shows in nine .Kugou, the music that Music its own video , more than 10 the five-day event.

Live video Panda TV, 2015, has Wang ,the only son to China’sproduce 48 live stream, as CEO. The live by T-ARA, one of the South vocal that of Wang ’s ago, some 800,000 to Panda TV.

Big Tech the Trend

In 2014 LeTV got – Wang Feng to agree not only to one of his , but the first to the live or video in the three days.LeTV RMB20– RMB30 (US$3-5) or their , a of for .Some 48,000 LeTV users the live 27,000 in the two days that a total of more than RMB2 ( US$320,000) in sales.

produce 48 live stream

The of three by later that year sold some 130,000 on LeTV.

after LeTV’s first try, ’s Music TV, the video site of Hunan (or Hunan TV), sold , 000 to the live of a by Hua , a pop of the to Hunan TV.

tried for live late 2015.More than 120,000 users paid for the to the , the South vocal group, that took place in Macau, China, to . were also able to two items and gifts on the .

Live of the on (image : )

Most on major sites are free of .For these big tech the of video- is an ,while ’ta major .

live , free or not, have been from and good sales. Live video is more than on- to .

or on video , such as , gifts and real-time , have also been with . gift is a to many .

Real-time a

produce 48 live stream

The of ’s Live

Tech want to more ways for and fans to so of the will be more .To their – ideas or have more over costs, tech are more shows with or their of . have had their own live music and hired to .

(since 2012) and ’s Music (since 2008) had been shows by and tech – their .

In 2015 LeTV a live house and deals with a of South shows. ’s Live Music now at least four shows per month.

D.Live, LeTV’s Live Music Venue


goods with games or other have been a major for tech like ,but when it comes to ’t take itas as YY Musicproduce 48 live stream,a live video where get fame and cash gifts sent by their . YY Music has been gift sales.

Being aware of the trend, YY , in-house for , in July 2015. The major from the rest of the are (a) it’s only and (b) it more -fan the shows.

The of YY

All of the YY shows are free of . But of YY a of items for to .

The on the stage and gifts sent in by .There’s also a chart the top gift , which YY fans to spend more to show their .

YY even games or for for them to with fans . YY also goods, to those in games.

Pop Yang a YY

the by Yang,a popproduce 48 live stream, in 2015.YY had a dozen in 2015.


In app , which is to YY .The hired Leung, a and TV music show , to music shows at its own venue. to YY, Momo users are also able to with and gifts a show.

produce 48 live stream

Momo they were in an in the with , 85% of its over 200 users being under 32. And its users are used items for games or on its app.

The app has a local event where users can . The shows that the most among Momo users were music and .

Zhou , a among young , held a three-day on Momo in 2015, one hour each day. It had had a total of 10.65 with one peak , to Momo.Momo also found that the got an six new the three-day show.

Music the Party

Sky ,the music most-known for its music andmc vs aston villa live, in April Nowa app or video of music , by the or from third .


Apart from the app its are also on TV and a few video . The Music , as the , 300,000 at peak to the app in 2015.

the of lays in ’ to pay , to its Zhang , CEO of .

produce 48 live stream


In July Li had the music live Live, the video app by his new . the same time the app from Wang Feng .

YEMA Live has more than 100 music since its in 2015. The begun in-house from their own .

Like Sky, YEMA also on for . the were for free, the app hopes to and in the . The to let % of the total .

For like Now and YEMA Live, it’s easy to to other of such as . has begun to do radio shows.

image : LeTV,YYproduce 48 live stream|Live Concert Streaming Is Taking Off , ,Momo

With a small teamproduce 48 live stream, news and for in more about the tech .

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