produce 48 live stream|How to Produce Live Broadcasts From Y

Did you know that you can and live using just your ? Go is a free app that you to turn your into a low ,high- .

With Go you can from your phone to (free ) or any RTMP (paid). You can also add your Go as in if you are on the same as the .

these steps to turn your phone into a live …

Setup Go on your

Go from the App Store and open the app. OK when that “ Go would like to your ”. Nextproduce 48 live stream, “ ” and “ .” At this time,you’ll be again that “ Go would like to your ” – “OK”.


Click the red to setup your live . At this timelive show hoài linh 2016, you’ll be able to your live to go to your , or a RTMP like Live, or (only in the paid ). Once your are in place,press the red LIVE again to begin .

Add shots to your live

“click on the “+” icon on the top of the to add a shot. You can add up to two shots to in the freeproduce 48 live streamproduce 48 live stream|How to Produce Live Broadcasts From Y, and an in the paid . Once , you will be with three ; the top, , and you will be able to add .”

Add up to two shots and them, or in-app for shots!

Add media to your

Click on each layer to a to that layer. logos, , and to your to a . Once you an for your layer,you can its using like and .

**We the on the layer and on the first two .

live shots

the with 6 dark will a list of your shots. Your live shot will be in the and have a red – with your shots it. To send shot liveproduce 48 live streamlive màn hình máy tính lên facebook, click on that shot and it will go live.

your live

Data rate is at the top along with the you have been live. the color the for . Green means your is good, means you may be some with your , and red means you have your live .

with your

Use the chat box on the of your to chat and with your . Send and chats, share your live link and see how many you have all from the Go on your phone

Add Go to your

With Go you can pull your video feed into your /Pro using just a LAN

To add your Go feed as a , open Go and /Pro. Make sure both Go and are to the same LAN . Open the menu in and New Cam. While in the menu, open the Go app on your phone and begin your by the red . The Go feed will then in the menu in . At this you can name your Go shot and add the shot to your layer.

**If you can your IP at the of the menu the Go app

Now you are ready to live with your phone.Be sure to tell us how it goes in the and tag us in any of your live . We love to see the great our users !

To learn more about live and ,visit our . Orproduce 48 live stream, feel free to call us at 1-877-681-2088 to your live . Click here to get your FREE copy of Go in the App Store!


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