prism live studio|PRISM Live Studio

PRISM Live helps you shoot and edit live , , and using .

Add fun , ,, and music to your own video.

[Main ]

• mode

LIVE, VIDEO, or PHOTO mode and to start a live or film a video.

• Login-based

Login to one and link to , ,,and BAND.

and share your or game with . for .

• Chat with in real time

Use the PRISM chat to read and chat real time and a live with your .

• Media

Addprism live studio,,and music to your with My and share the with your .

• Web

Enter a URL to a a in the way that you want. Try using this with the .

• mode PRISM PC app

Scan the QR code to your PRISM app's to PRISM app and use it as a video and audio .

The your face and helps you look in a way.

Spice up with like masksvsmart live 4 4gb/64gb, to the mood, touch to show ,and .

• text

Add text or an theme from Titleprism live studio, ,, and to your live .

• Add music

a music from , ,, , Retro that are for free.

• Pro

with focus, , ISO,whiteprism live studioứng dụng live stream 18+ hàn quốc,and other .

• Key

Use the Keyprism live studio|PRISM Live Studio, a first among live apps, to shoot more .

• and a live

Edit your live 's title or a , and share your live URL in real time.

• High- 1080p 60fps live

High- 1080p 60fps live are . ( range may vary on and app .)

• to

a to other .

• with VIDEO

Use , , speed , and music to with ease.

• My page

Check your live , links, and VIDEO .

• All for free

All of PRISM Live are free,and even the can be in .

[ ]

• : Shoot a live or for VOD.

• Mic: audio while a video.

• : may be used to save and liveprism live studio, or to load .


• :

• :

• :

• Terms of Use :

• :

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