pokemon live action|Livestream: Escape From Hotel Izanami An

Mio Ikomapokemon live action, Nana and Azusa to the , the Hotel , at Nana’s to shoot a video there. It would be a film shoot at an with no . To a hitch and get an end that was -esque…was all they .

,Mio gets from the grouppokemon live action,and gets by a that has come to life. From that point onpokemon live action,the girls are at the mercy of the hotel. Why is a to harm thempokemon live action|Livestream: Escape From Hotel Izanami An, and why have they been shut in to the hotel with no ? Can the three girls from the hotel with their lives?

Mio Ikoma( by )

A of the group Nana .

After how and she seems, Nana and Asuka the Mio to join their .

While some of her after in on the two’s , she still to work the , on .

In the hotel, the risk to her own life,Mio to save her Nana and Asuka.

Nana ( by Asuka Nishi)

The face and of Nana . up with a plan to shoot a video in an hotelapp gái xinh live, she the of the shoot in the hotel ruins.

While she as a hobby,as her grewpokemon live action, she more of the of views on her .

The and of her her new-found that goes as long as it gets views. (Mio and Azusa stop her she goes too far.)

Her goal is to reach one !

pokemon live action

Azusa ( by )

with brain, , and . She has a large of fans. She has been with Nana for years, and the two are now .

At Nana’s , Azusa with video and , but once Nana got it into her head to start her count, Azusa was into in as well. Ever since, Azusa has been more and more in Nana’s .

With a cool and ,she is the ’s .

For someapp live han quoc, she doesn’t seem too with the shoot in the hotel…

A who Mio and the girls while they were in the hotel. He and , the girls with a as his .

pokemon live action

Run from the you, and from the hotel!

—While you are for clues on how to the hotel…

—, a on the !

—Hide , and run away from the !

While the of an hotel, a a and after the three !

When you the , run away , hide , and from its . One hit from the ’s will lead to death (game over).

Use hints and items to help you find clues on how to !

While the hotel ruins, you will come items and hints. every nook and of the rooms to get items and hints that will help you ! Some items will the fates of the girls…

To from the hotel, you will have to solve many . Use the items you pick up, and hints as clues to solve them!

Is this a curse?! The girls are by the of a life- !

—Vast of human hair shoot out of the drain, Mio’s body! Use the items you’ve to help free Mio!

—Nana’s to after she gets stuck under a giant shelf is live?! Tell Nana what to do in the video to help guide her to !

You’ll be met with while the hotel ruins. your to get hints and use items you find to help the girls from .

You can even touch the girls, of their … Is this also the work of the curse?!

the to from life- !

lies in wait for these girls!

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