people live|Man allegedly sent fake Pokémon cards

TULSApeople live, Okla. (KOKI) – said he tried to catch ‘em all,but they ended up him .

A man in Tulsapeople live, ,is bars for fake Pokémon cards on to the .

Tulsa say McCoy was after a tip came in from a in who had paid $3people livepeople live|Man allegedly sent fake Pokémon cards,000 for what he was the real deal.

Riley said he catch a man who sent fake cards. (: KOKI/CNN)

had been into this case for when they got a call from that in .

That to work with ,and they set up a fake to trick McCoy into him cards again.

were then able to McCoy when he went to the post to mail the cards out.

saidduoi nhung con mua live,in allpeople live,McCoy was able to scam out of $12chelsea vs burnley live,000, in , , Ohio and Texas.

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