people in the countryside live|what it is like (or, what it

a in your area.You say: where it it is like (or, what it looks like)what do there and why (some) like to go there.


I want to say about a in a big mall in my

. It’s on the third floor of that . Every time I go , I would

go to that floor to have fun with my and .

There’s a where you could watch the films. If you want to

, there’s a rink. Many young enjoy fun

there. There’s even a place for , where they could paint

by using a of and . I’ve never tried it but

I think it’ll be fun. My place would be the magic show . It’s

that the could show us so many . I know they’re not real,

but it’s fun to that they could make and make

in front of you.

I would often go there with my and . I think it’s a

place to .


I like going to very much. There’s a in the

area in my . I go there with my or

my spare time.

There’s a sport . Since I got a card, I don’t need to pay for most of

their . I go there to with my or my . We

could play all kinds of , such as , , and . After we

there, we would go to a shop in the same , where we

could enjoy a cup of and read some the shop . You could

also find a in this area, where you can enjoy the .

people in the countryside live

people in the countryside live


, I 3 with two there. It’s great to enjoy the

films at the of the good sound and .

I think it’s for city to have a place to relax and spend time

with their . If we can rest well, we can work and study well.

PART 3: :

1、Do you think it’s good to have in the ?

. It’s for to look for ways to relax and spend their

and . If there’re , it’ll be much more

for them to have fun very often.

2、How is it good for young ?

It’s not good for young to stay at home all day. When there’re

near their homes, they could go there to meet and their

from their or work. I think it’s good for young

’s and .

3、What are the in big and in the

(i.e., in and small towns)?

There’re few in small or the

. The there find other ways to it. For

, it’ll be for them to go . , we find a

of in big . There’re even in


4、What are the ‘s in big and in the


In big , can go to to and enjoy in

big pools. , in small or the , do

much more as their way of . They could swim in

the and go near their homes.

5、Do you think (or, work units) for their

? = ?

I think so. If can , the can

feel to work there they could have some fun at work or after

work. Also,if can staypeople in the countryside livepeople in the countryside live|what it is like (or, what it , they could be more and

work more .

6、Do you think (or, work units) more

for their ?

If can stay ,they could be more and work more

. Alsopeople in the countryside live, if can do some as a group, they

could also get to know their and learn more .

7、If there are no (in a place), what can do?

might stay at home most of their time. Or for some ,

they might to go to far away to and have fun, which is

not and so it ’t be a thing.

people in the countryside live

people in the countryside live


8、What do get if some go to a ?

I think it helps know their act

in time. It’s a good to see from

. Also, they could work more if they have good

with each other.

9. What would to go?

Well, may have for their of .

For , young may like to go to KTVs, , , pubs, or

game , they like to be or find .

, the old may tea , or foot shops,or chess roomslive on campus,

they may just hope to relax or stay with .

10. Where do in your go to have their ?== What

kind of do do?

In my , many like to spend their time in the ,

books or they like there. Other may like to go to the

, the or just some games for fun, and

still may just stay in the , with their or


11. What are the of the young and of the


Well, young may like to play games with their , go to KTVs to

have fun , or just stay at home TV or surf the .

, when are time , they may like to

, the or just tea or

not at home, are rare for them to stay in this


12. Who do young like to spend their time with, their or their


, young may like to stay with their more when they have

time. , they may have more to share with their

of gap. Also, they may have in

, so that they may have more fun with their . , these

days, it seems that young are to stay with their

, coz for them to get are rare in such a fast-paced life.

13. Where can take their for fun on a fine day?

On a fine day, I think can take their to many for fun. For

, they can go to , where the can widen their

and the of ; they can go to the zoos,and other

people in the countryside live, where the can feel to the ; and also they can go

to some theme parks,where can play with

to enjoy the .

14. Is time for live you?

I think so. me all seem so busy with their worklive chat sexx, their study or

people in the countryside live

people in the countryside live

people in the countryside live

people in the countryside live

people in the countryside live

people in the countryside live

people in the countryside live

people in the countryside live

people in the countryside live


their , but just as the old goes, all work and no play

makes Jack a dull boy, those busy need to have some time to have

a rest,to have apeople in the countryside live, and to have a , so that they can

their into what they are for.

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