pc live stream|Live Video Stream PC Setup w/ Multiplexe

Live Video PC Setup w/ &

This setup guide is for use with our multi- video which a PCpc live stream|Live Video Stream PC Setup w/ Multiplexe,video and HD . The live- that we HD and work with Livepc live stream, , and every other major live video that is with Open (which comes pre-). Our is that are / at such as , , and any type of event .

PC Setup

Setup the PC like any other .

the power cable from the back of the PC to a power . the USB mouse to one of the front or rear USB ports. the USB to a front or rear USB port. a VGA, HDMI, or DVI to the video card of the PC. note the below the video card looks to the HDMI video card.

Live Video Streaming Computer HDMI Capture and Video Cards

Video Setup

The multi- that CCTV Pros can a 4, 9,or 16 CCTV or HD CCTV . The setup is the same for all .

the power that is from the back of the to a power . an HDMI cable from the back of the to the outer HDMI port on the HDMI card (back of PC). refer to the above image. to the HDMI input on the left (NOT the one in the ). / Cable Setup

CCTV Pros HD with the video that we selllive on vietsub tập 8, , these can also be used with older CCTV ( ). The / cable setup is the same and for any cable and most DIY to .

coax cable (green cable above) is run from each back to the . Pre-made cable or of RG59 cable can be used for this.The coax video of the cable the video of the to a video input on the back of the CCTV video .The power of the cable the ‘s power input to a power / ( with the we ) or a multi- power box. If you need it, you can find more here: pre-made guide, RG59 cable guide for .HDMI cable is from the back of the to the HDMI input on the PC’s video card ( cable above).

HDMI Video Capture Card for Streaming

note that the HDMI input on the of the card is the input.The PC is to a high speed using cable / CAT5 ( cable above).Open Setup

Open comes pre- on the that CCTV Pros . Below is a quick start guide to get up and . You can find on the Open forum here. note that CCTV Pros the below setup steps for on the PCs that we build. If you a PC from us, you can skip this .

Boot up the PC.Using the icon on the , open the OBS . and are core to in the OBS . When you go live with a , you the via . that is on the is a scene. A scene can be made up of one or more . Below is the in the where you can new and add new .There is one scene for you names “Scene”.

Live Video Streaming software add HDMI capture card

To add the HDMI video card as a to this scene, click on the plus ‘+’ in the . “Video ” as the type.

open broadcaster software add blackmagic video capture card

the ” New’ radio ,then name the . We name ours like “HDMI Video Card”. Then press OK.

open broadcaster software add new video source

This will bring up a for the new . Use the for the Pro 4k cards that we are in our PCs.


/ FPS Type:

: 1920 x 1080

FPS: Match FPS

OBS BlackMagic HDMI Video Capture Card Setup Settings

Click OK.Click on the in the lower right.

Live Video Streaming Settings

on the .

Live Video Streaming HD Video Setup

the Mode to . Then check and 1920 x 1080 if you want to in HD.You can also the to get even if you have a very high speed ( speed). The the bit ratepc live stream, the the video . Try in the 3000-5000 range.Click OK.Audio Setup ()

If you want to live audio in to video,these .

Live Streaming Software - USB Microphone Audio Setup

In the Mixer of the OBSpc live stream, click on the gear icon for Mic/Aux, then .On the , your USB from the drop-down menu. Then,click OK.Slide the Audio all the way down you plan on using audio from a . Live Setup

these to start a Live from a page.

Login to from the web on your PC and go to the page that you want to live from. You must be an for the page.

Facebook Live Stream Setup

Click on the ” Tools” link from the top menu.On thehoneyworks premium live, click on the “” link on the left menu.Click on the “Live” .The ” Your Live ” will open. “” at the top of the .

Facebook Live Streaming Setup

On this , copy the Key that is .In the Open , click on the in the lower right.On the , click on the icon in the left menu.On the , or enter the :


: Live



Streaming Software Facebook Live Setup

Click OK.Go back to the Live and enter a Title for the video and a for the post. You can also Tags.

Facebook Live Stream Settings

In the Open , click Start .

OBS Software - Start Streaming

Go back to the page. The API that the OBS is to the .You will see a live video . You can click “Go Live” on the page when you are ready to start the . Live Setup

live is just as easy to setup.

to your in the web on the PC. You must be the owner of the that you want to from.

YouTube Live Streaming

Click on your ’s at the top right and click on the .

YouTube Live Stream Now

In the , click on Live -> Now.If this is your first time from the , will let you know what your link will be. It is like /c//live. After you enter your phone , agree to the terms and of using Live. Then you’ll be taken to your Live .

YouTube Live Streaming Broadcast Setup

On the Live , you can a for the . It is that you a well 1280 x 720p image to help to the . You can also enter the Title, , , and if this will be , ,or .

YouTube Live Stream Key

On the of thepc live stream, you will see the name/key. Click on the “” and copy the key.In the Open , click on the in the lower right.

Open Broadcaster Software YouTube Live Streaming

On the , click on the icon in the left menu.On the , or enter the :


: /



Click OK.When you are ready to start your , click on the Start .

OBS Software - Start Streaming

will begin your Live .When you want to end the , click on Stop in the OBS . Views

The main of using a CCTV with our is that it the to video from and which or are in view the live . The video of all of our can be using the on the front of the unit or via the that is .

Being that the HDMI card is the full video from the , any view that you on the flows to your live .

Video Multiplexer Wireless Remote Control

Here is the with our 4 HD video . The for our 9 and 16 is . Using the , you can the view to any of the . You can also a view and multi- views. You can find our 9 and 16 here.

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Mike Haldas

This was , co- and of CCTV Pros. If you have any to video , email Mike at .

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